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Retail sales rose more than expected in June in another sign of the country's ongoing economic recovery.

Key leaders such as China's Xi, Russia's Putin and US's Biden pledge to redouble the worldwide COVID-19 fight.

The Pentagon said some former Colombian soldiers accused in the Haitian president's murder were trained by the US.

Blue Origin said that Oliver Daemen will be launching with founder Jeff Bezos on Tuesday, rather than auction winner.

The invitations are meant to set a example globally as US reckons with racial justice at home, State Department says.

In first meeting with ASEAN, US top diplomat calls for action on Myanmar and rejects China's claims in South China Sea.

Penelakut Tribe in British Columbia says it found more than 160 unmarked graves in latest such discovery since May.

Defence report calls on Japanese government to pay attention to US-China tensions over Taiwan with 'a sense of crisis'.

Company filed to sell as much as $500m in shares after founder Richard Branson's successful flight to space on Sunday.

Shooting sprees in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia kill dozens during the weekend as US gun violence epidemic rages.

US imposes restrictions on 100 Nicaraguan officials it says are involved in government crackdown and rights abuses.

US move comes on anniversary of a tribunal ruling that says Beijing has no claims over the South China Sea.

Virgin Galactic launches a team of six, including billionaire founder Richard Branson, on voyage to the edge of space.

Beijing to take 'necessary measures' to respond to Washington blacklisting Chinese companies over Uighur treatment.

Investigations continue after Trump supporters smashed windows, fought police and sent lawmakers scrambling for safety.

President Biden says peace in Afghanistan can only come through renewed talks with Taliban even as fighting escalates.

The lawyer was convicted of trying to extort millions of dollars from US company Nike 'to further his own agenda'.

Haitian police have arrested suspects in the assassination of President Moise by gunmen who stormed his home on July 7.

Observers warn even if neither side wants the conflict to escalate, attacks have become a dangerous tit-for-tat cycle.

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