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Have to check #Fedilab for this. #Tusky is polling every fifteen minutes.


I don't use push notifications.

Have installed #Tusky, #Fedilab, ...

Afaik this just effects, how fast you will get notifications about... notifications... 😉 ... so e.g. someone mentioned you.

Mostly using #Mastodon (and #Mammuthus), i have to admit, but also installed a #Friendica instance once... 😉

#Tusky v22 has been released!

Changes in this release include:

✅ View trending hashtags from the side menu, or as a tab
✅ Edit image descriptions and focus points after posting
✅ Better ordering of languages when writing a post
✅ Mastodon v4 filters
✅ Show the differences between different versions of edited posts
✅ Accessibility improvements

Available in Google Play and F-Droid, the full release notes are other assets are at

#Tusky v22 beta 7 is released. This (should) fix the issue some beta testers have been suffering from, where the notifications tab would jump to the very oldest notifications.

That would happen if you were signed in with multiple accounts, and the notification IDs for those two accounts were very different. Sometimes Tusky would save the "what ID did you last read?" information to the wrong account, and when you next opened the notification tab for that account you would be at the wrong place.

... Eine Ergänzung: Das geht auch mit der #FedilabApp @apps. Das Vorgehen ist dort ähnlich wie oben für #Tusky beschrieben: In #Fedilab wie gewohnt einfach den Text/Toot schreiben, vor dem Absenden aber zunächst rechts oben auf das 3-Punkte-Menü gehen und "Planen" antippen. Anschließend Tag und Uhrzeit auswählen (also den gewünschten Zeitpunkt, zu dem der Toot effektiv rausgehen soll), Angaben bestätigen und zum Abschluss den Toot absenden.

#neuhier #hopethishelps

#Aplicaciones para #Mastodon y #Censura
#Tusky #Megalodon

#Aplicaciones para #Mastodon y #Censura
#Tusky #Megalodon

Sobre el #filtrado de #instancias por parte de las aplicaciones #Tusky y #Megalodon

Tanto Tusky como Megalodon (ambas, aplicaciones de móvil para usar #Mastodon) impiden, su uso con ciertas instancias (nodos, servidores). Desconozco si esto también ocurre con otras aplicaciones (FediLab, Metatext, etc.).

Esto constituye en la práctica la aplicación de censura, sin entrar en un sentido negativo o no de este término. Y aunque esta pueda estar justificada [no entro a valorarla] por distintas razones, no deja de ser censura. Sí, también la limitaciones a la federación por parte de las instancias de Mastodon, lo son.


Content warning: #Aplicaciones para #Mastodon y #Censura. #Tusky #Megalodon. Como pudiera ser que al tratar sobre censura a instancias pueda crear suspicacias y hasta pudiera ser que alguien se sienta ofendida(o) [] pongo este aviso que v

Para acceder a los mensajes programados que aún no se hayan publicado, en el cliente Tusky, hay que ir al menú principal, arriba a la izquierda (en tu avatar) y elegir «Estados programados»

#Matodon #Aplicaciones #Tusky #Clientes #Toots #Mensajes #Programados

[y 5/5]

— En Tusky: escribes el mensaje («toot») y abajo antes del conteo de caracteres que aparece junto al botón «¡Publicar!» hay un relojito, al pulsarlo elijes el día de la publicación (en el amanaque) y seguidamente la hora. Al volver al mensaje —ya se ve el relojito destacado, marcado— se pulsa en «¡Publicar!».

#Mastodon #Aolicaciones #Tusky #Cloentes #Toots #Mensajes #Programados


What #android app are you using for #mastodon? I'm leaning towards #tusky but haven't let go of the original yet.

  • The official Mastodon app (0%, 0 votes)
  • Tusky (66%, 2 votes)
  • Megalodon (0%, 0 votes)
  • Something else (33%, 1 vote)
  • Just show me the results (0%, 0 votes)
3 voters. Poll end: 1 week ago

#Tusky 22.0 beta 5 (!) is rolling out.

Two fixes in this one:

A new version of the APNG library broke animated emojis. That's been rolled back to an earlier version.

Not all Mastodon-like servers support the marker API to record which notifications have been sent. So that information is stored locally as well, just in case.

Lo malo se silenciar alguien en #tusky, o será en mastodon en general?, es que la interfaz no te avisa "acá alguien puso algo, pero lo silenciaste... Lo querés ver che culiado?"... No, lo silencia de pecho mal, a todo o nada... No hay grises... Hacete cargo de tu elección, cagón de mierda
Pero bueno, quizá eso sea silenciar? O, en todo caso, en qué se diferencia con bloquear entonces? No me queda claro

#Tusky v22 beta 4 is released. Only one change, but if you've been using beta 3 with multiple accounts and have been inundated with repeat notifications that's been fixed.

One caveat; if you share access to an account with multiple people and you've all been using beta 3 you'll keep getting repeat notifications until everyone's upgraded past beta 3.

#Tusky 22.0 beta 3 is out.

- Fixed crash when viewing a thread
- Fixed crash processing Mastodon filters
- Links in bios of follow/follow request notifications are clickable
- Android notification for a Mastodon notification should only be shown once
- Android notifications are grouped by Mastodon notification type (follow, mention, boost, etc)
- Potential for missing notifications has been removed

Full details at

The first beta of #Tusky v22 is out, including:

- View trending hashtags
- Edit image descriptions and focus point
- "Refresh" menu for accessibility
- Support Mastodon v4 filters
- Show detailed differences when a post is edited
- Option to show post statistics in the timeline

Fixes including:

- Show player controls during audio playback
- Correct post length calculation
- Always publish image captions

Full details at

Day 4: Newly created posts would show their age as "in 0s".

@kylegoetz saw the bug report for this ( and contributed their first fix to #Tusky in

Day 3: Swiping

When I first started using #Tusky there were a number of things I immediately wanted to fix. These were two of them.

Swiping between tabs seemed to be very sensitive to small left/right movements. There's an option to disable swiping ("Preferences > Enable swipe gesture to switch between tabs") which I used. I discovered it wasn't honoured with tabs on the profile or search pages, so I fixed that (

I added support to #Tusky for following/unfollowing individual hashtags. Click a hashtag in a post to see all posts with that hashtag, and click the "+"/"-" icon at the top of the screen to follow/unfollow (

Day 2: You can follow hashtags on Mastodon. Just like following an account, any posts with that hashtag will appear in your timeline.

@Tak added a #Tusky feature to manage followed hashtags. Open "Account preferences > Followed hashtags" and edit them there (

Day 1: @ars42525 improved #Tusky support for adding people to/from lists. If you follow someone and want to add them to a list you can now do that from their profile (

Open their profile (tap their name, or profile picture), and from the "⋮" menu choose "Add or remove from list".

I'm linking to the initial authors of each change, and the change itself. But as you'll see if you click through, open source is a collaborative effort, and credit also belongs to everyone who provided feedback on the changes or reported the issue.

Install #Tusky from Google Play or F-Droid with the instructions at

Day 15: Uploading media to your posts

Uploading images and video should now be more robust, and feel faster in #Tusky.

@ConnyDuck fixed several bugs, and now you don't need to wait for media to upload before hitting the "Toot" button, the media will continue to upload in the background, and your post will be sent when then upload has finished (

I am sorry to announce that I broke my #fdroid repository....

As a consequence, hosted nightly for #Tusky are suffering from this mistake.

TL;DR;: If you was using the nightly build for #Tusky provided on you will have to :
* Remove then re-add the repository
* Re-install Tusky

All the app configuration will be lost and you will have to re-authenticate.

My sincerely apologies for this mistake 😔

CC: @ConnyDuck@Tusky@charlag

Post-mortem below ⤵️
Screenshot of F-Droid client app showing the result of Tusky search
Two entries are displayed: 
* Tusky Green Nightly
* Tusky Blue Nightly
Screen shot of the F-Droid client app showing the page for 'Tusky Green Nightly', still without description yet.

If you ask me, i prefer #Tusky... it is longer time available on the market and offers more features.

#Mastodon for #Android was created at a later stage and it looks like, the focus is on beginners...

If you want to have the look and feel of #MfA with more features, you may want to check out #Megalodon, a fork of MfA, that adds missing features.

But i can't say, if this would have an effect on your issue.

Another #Android app: #Fedilab.

at least it's not just me 🤪 I'm going to give #Tusky a try 🤔

Hm, how come I have a "Direct Message" section instead of a "Global Federated Feed" section, after joining #hachydermio and logging in with #Tusky? #hachyderm
Image of Tusky app on an Android phone.
Bottom row has Home feed, notifications, Local Feed, Direct Messages icons.
Top has visible, as the active account.

What about prompting directly to enter the descriptive text, might be more efficient and less annoying no? 🤔
Being annoying is a way to antagonize people. So imo it's a good example of a false good idea.

Also I can see (few) valid reasons not to put descriptions, just imagine you need to share a picture before the cops seize or break your phone or something. Do you want this reminder to nag you in the heat of the moment? I don't trust an app favoring ideology over users' choice. #Tusky

@Tuxi :Friendica: 🐧 ✅@Thomas Meier Du kannst #Friendica auch mit Apps wie #Tusky nutzen für die kürzeren Beiträge oder #Soapbox geht wohl auch

Now that #Tusky 21 is released I'll be doing a post a day on each new feature or user-visible bug fix you might see.

I'll be trying to do these in the rough order the change landed.

I'm not covering everything. Notably, I'm skipping over the amazing translation work that's done by volunteers at And anything that either fixes a crash, or refactors code.

Update fixing the #Tusky 21.0 beta startup crash on Android pre 11 is now available via Google Play

The first beta version of #Tusky 21 is out!
✅ Editing
✅ change your preferred reading direction
✅ improved (bigger) media previews
✅ add accounts to lists from their profile
✅ view all your followed hashtags
full changelog:
⚠️ There is a known issue of 21.0 beta 1 crashing on Androids below 11 that is already being fixed

Llego #tusky 21 🥳 con la función de editar #toots integrada

Este es un toot editado ***

Our FAQs have been updated thanks to @nikclayton! They are the best place to start if you have any questions about #Tusky, take a look:

Toot Morning tooteros tooteras y tooteres, amo el nuevo icono de #Tusky, la app que uso en el celular para ver mi Mastodon

The new tusky icon in arcticons style on my homescreen! 😎

(Created by @joel )

#tuskyapp #tusky #homescreen #arcticons

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