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Ich nutze den Wintereinbruch mal, um mal einen #test Beitrag zu erstellen.

Test of the fediverse

I did a #test of the #fediverse. I created a #Diaspora, #Friendica and #Mastodon account. In all 3 accounts I did a post with the tag #annievallotton. Friendica uses the Diaspora protocol and ActivityPub and Mastodon uses Activity pub. The Friendica account was showing posts from the Mastodon and Diaspora instance I joined, so I assume them to be federated to some degree. I expected that when searching for the tag #annievallotton. On Friendica I would see posts from all 3 instances. On Diaspora I would see posts from Diaspora and Friendica and on Mastodon I would see Friendica and Mastodon. However what I found was...
Diaspora = saw #annievallotton posts from Friendica and Diaspora.
Friendica = saw #annievallotton posts from Friendica only.
Mastodon = saw #annievallotton posts from Mastodon only.

Therefore if I want to:
- see posts from Diaspora and Friendica I should use diaspora.
- post to Diaspora and Friendica I should use Friendica.
- post to Mastondon, I should use Mastodon.
Instances were:

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