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So I've been building a 100% analog polyphonic synthesizer with an unique twist. To use only vacuum tube era technology from the 1930s.

Over 300 neon gas diodes create the sound you hear. Pretty awesome for technology from 100 years ago.

Still a work-in-progress, but I wanted to post a video of it with the innards spread out across the workbench. : }

I call it the "Neon String Machine"

#synthesizers #music #electronics #audio #synthwave

hey what are y’all listening to or making? i need some good #music recommendations. especially anything with #synthesizers or weird sounds. feel free to self-promote
a small CRT with visualization of sounds on it behind a moog DFAM and moog subharmonicon

I just migrated to a new single-user instance, so I guess it's #introduction time again!

I'm Alison, a #music obsessive with a penchant for #songwriting, #MusicTheory, #ElectronicMusic, #synthesizers, and #guitar. I'll mostly post about music, w/ other fun sprinkled in.

Until the #Fediverse, I was away from social media for about ten years b/c in its corporate forms it makes me crazy. Turns out, though, it's probably not the humans that are damaged, just the platforms. So glad to be here!
Alison is lying on a bench under a sign on a brick wall that says "Wake me up when I'm famous" in large white letters on a black background.

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