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Winter is different here, (not Europe, but living farther north). I'm missing daylight and adventures.

I think toward the end of this month or start of March I need to do a small trip back to the Alps so I can get outdoors again.

This is the Eiger with Grindelwald below it. I'm thinking of going there again or maybe Zermatt to see the Matterhorn.

#Switzerland #photography #LandscapePhotography #Europe
Scott stands on a grassy mountain cliff. It is fall and the high altitude grass is golden, while the grass in the valley below is a luscious green.

On the other side of the valley is a towering mountain, the Eiger. It is snowy white and topped with glaciers. A trail of mountain peaks, the Swiss Alps, leads into the distance.

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

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