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Bloody hell, someone just made a €1,024 donation to Small Technology Foundation.

Umm, thank you, whomever you are, we really appreciate it :)

(And thank you to everyone who supports us with a monthly patronage and with one-off donations. It may not pay the rent but it does help us to keep existing and continue working on realising the Small Web with Kitten¹ and Domain².)


#SmallTech #SmallWeb #funding #foss

Geopard se actualiza a la versión 1.4
#smallweb #Gemini

Pues creo que me ha salido un post cojonudo. Por fin publico mi entrada sobre la small web! #blog #smallweb #gemini

As of the latest commit, Kitten now deduplicates/combines all styles on a page into a single style tag in the head.

(So don’t worry about returning styles from your components which are used multiple times in the page. The styles will only be added once. Unless you‘re fetching just the component over the wire via htmx, in which case they’ll still be sent but there’s also no harm in that. I’m looking at improving component authoring further as we go.)

#kitten #SmallWeb

Yet another blogpost with some more rambling on #webrings, the #smallweb, #neocities and stuff like that, following my sudden obsession with web buttons :blobcatderpy:

Day 36 of #100DaysToOffload

Also join the #fediring people!

I add your button in my #blog. You add mine. Deal? :blobcatderpy:

This should be some kind of challenge. I therefore ask @RL_Dane (or anyone really) to come up with a hashtag for it :blobcatderpy:

#SmallWeb #Blogging #Neocities #PersonalWebsite #Web #OldWeb
a web button of my website with a size of 88x31
A bunch of web buttons

I added a few of these kinda retro 88x31 badges to my #blog footer because they are very fun :blobcatderpy:

Here is the site where I found them so if you want you can add some too!

#SmallWeb #HTML #blogging
My website footer with old style html badge gifs with messages like "tested on Firefox", "made with neovim" and "keep the web free"

I added a few of these useless 88x31 badges to my #blog footer because they are very fun :blobcatderpy:

Here is the site where I found them so if you want you can add some too!

#SmallWeb #HTML #blogging
My website footer with old style html badge gifs with messages like "tested on Firefox", "made with neovim" and "keep the web free"

i have updated my #gemini resource on #degrowth, #communities & scale, forgiveness & growth, and imagining a kinder future on and offline!

accessible here: gemini://
or here:

as always, if you have any links burning a hole in your pocket that could do with being added, please send them over! i think it might be time to start more thoroughly organising it, soon.

#permacomputing #smallweb #indieweb #smolweb #sustainability #communication #networking

Small Web sites will require JavaScript to sign in.


To protect your privacy.

We use public-key authentication (which I’m implementing as we speak) so your secret is never stored on the server and you only enter it in places you own and control.

(I can already see some folks up in arms about this because JavaScript Bad™ so I just checked in the initial copy for the page that gets displayed if JavaScript is off.)

#SmallWeb #Kitten #SmallTech #JavaScript #cryptography #authentication
Screenshot of https://localhost/sign-in in a browser. Web page contents follow:

Title: Sign-in requires JavaScript

Heading: What should I do?

Strong: Please turn JavaScript on in your browser.

If you’re using a browser extension like JavaScript Toggle On and Off (link), please make sure that it’s toggled on.

Heading: Why?

Strong: To protect your privacy.

Your secret is yours and yours alone. You should only enter and store it in places that you (and you alone) own and control.

While your browser runs on your machine and is in your control, your server might be hosted by someone else. So your server never knows or stores your secret.

In case you’re interested in the technical details, signing in makes use of public-key cryptography (link).

Heading: But isn’t all JavaScript evil?


Like all code, it depends on who owns and controls it and what it does.

This is a Small Web (link) site powered by Kitten (link). All the JavaScript here is free and open. You own and control this site and all of the code that powers it works to protect your interests and your interests alone.

May 2015: “…we’re not going to stay in a country where we might be forced to backdoor our products (and possibly not even be allowed to tell anyone about it)”

Nov 2022: “Internet services used every day by British consumers would be obligated to scan all public posts and private chats against government-specified criteria … If these services don’t want to do it, they could pack up and leave the UK.“


#OnlineSafetyBill #SmallTech #SmallWeb

"Mastodon instances should be limited from growing beyond a certain size. Instances that are already too large should have ways of encouraging people to migrate to smaller ones." -- or why you should not toot about your birthday on #Mastodon.

Excellent arguments here by @aral

#decentralisation #SmallWeb

This stuff is never free anywhere but the scale of Big Tech insulates you from it somewhat.

I actually think it’s good to be reminded that our ability to communicate comes with a cost – in terms of resources, environmental impact, etc., not just money.

But, equally, it also makes the case that a system optimised to host hundreds of thousands of people on a single instance is not also somehow magically optimised to host just one person.

The latter is the problem I’m exploring with #SmallWeb.

Food for thought: The bigger gets, the less successful the #fediverse is.

Sadly, the fundamental design of Mastodon mirrors the design of Big Tech (a server architecture that can support hundreds of thousands of “users”) and thus inherits its success criteria.

I feel it’s time we at least started thinking about what the web would look like if we all had our own place on it and what it would take to get there from here.

#decentralisation #centralisation #fediverse #SmallWeb

We should not be optimising Mastodon so it can handle more people per server. We should be optimising Mastodon so it incentivises more serves with fewer people.

(And if you take that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, you arrive at the idea behind the Small Web:

#decentralisation #federation #fediverse #SmallWeb

Hello all, I am an #IndieDev #GameDev and #PixelArt artist from #Ireland.

I'm particularly interested in #SciFi #Cyberpunk genres, and themes around AI, identity, selfhood, authority, the illusions of consumerism, religion and capitalism, and workers rights and democracy. Oh, and space and robots 🤖 I'm sure I only do justice to those last two 😅

Other interests o' mine:


Pixel art painting of a space station (somewhat like the ISS) in orbit around a planet. Shiny rockets leaving the Earth's atmosphere.
Pixel art painting of a young boy in his mother's arms, reaching towards a recently launched rocket in the distance. A pixel art painting in the style of a propaganda poster. A robot in a cloak with a red kerchief proffering an AK-47-like weapon to the viewer. Above him is the text "RISE", in flames.

Just signed the web0 manifesto from @aral and @laura from Small Technology Foundation.

If you are interested, go take a look at:

#SmallWeb #web0

Internet has been privatized. The small web still exists, but is buried and hardly appears in search engines anymore. There is more content and people than ever before, and yet one quickly locks oneself into the same routines and circles. Web languages have become so complex that building a new browser has become impossible. We have built an oligopoly.

Discovering the Gemini protocol

visit also

gemini:// 😉

#gemini #web #smallweb #internet #protocol

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