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#Google is trying again to convince you, YES YOU, to contribute for free to Google Maps.
Please don't.
It is 100% #proprietary, Google has full control over the data you added and people can only access Google Maps over proprietary channels where Google dictates the rules. This gives them too much power.

Contribute to #OpenStreetMap instead, it's a project by the community, for the community.

#OSM #GoogleMaps #PSA #scam #capitalism #OpenData

Comparto por aquí para alcanzar más difusión. Mi amigo Fuego Fatuo Art es escultor y creador de criaturas (podéis ver su trabajo aquí )
Hace un par de días ha descubierto que en Etsy hay dos tiendas que han robado fotos originales de sus piezas y están timando a clientes haciéndoles creer que les venden esas piezas. Es todo un fraude. Ha intentado comunicarse con Etsy y denunciar pero no es posible hacerlo. Os pido difusión para que esta escoria no siga robando a gente. Gracias.

My friend Fuego Fatuo Art is a sculptor and creator of creatures (you can see his work here A couple of days ago he discovered two stores on Etsy that have stolen original photos of his works to scam customers. He has tried to contact Etsy and report but it has been impossible. I ask you to share to aware as more people as possible. Thank you so much.

#arte #art #artesania #handmade #smallbusiness #scam #Etsy

Foto robada de las criaturas de Fuego Fatuo (son crías de Mothman). Y, en inglés, la explicación de lo que pasa y el nombre de la falsa tienda ( coolshoelaces) en Etsy. 

Stolen photo of the Fuego Fatuo creatures (they are baby Mothmen) and the explanation of what is happening and the name of the fake store (coolshoelaces) on Etsy.
Otra foto robada de otra tienda falsa. También un bebé de Mothman con el texto de mi amigo explicando lo sucedido. Esta tienda se llama seresolace. 

Another stolen pic from another fake store, also a baby Mothman, with my friend's text explaining what happened.  This store is called serolace.

From the best search in history to a #spam-and-#scam graveyard - the #enshittification of Google Search


Search and spam have always been at war. In the Altavista days, “search engine optimization” consisted of ending every page with seven paragraphs of white-on-white keywords (“keyword stuffing”).

Today, the SEO industry uses much more sophisticated techniques, locking horns with Google. Of course: Google’s the first — and often the last — place we go to for answers, so snagging top billing in a Google search results page is, approximately speaking, equivalent to being “true.”

Google is losing. Search for your local restaurant — a verified Google merchant, no less! — and the top result will be a scammer that cloned their website, jacked up their prices by 15 percent, who’ll take your order, cream off that sweet 15, and then pretend to be you and place the order with the restaurant.

Getting rooked for 15 percent on your takeout meal is one thing, but that’s strictly smalltime: the big money is in switching out the phone numbers Google gives for every major US airline, substituting numbers for boiler-rooms where scammers will take your credit card and rip you off for all you’re worth.

How did Google get this enshittified? And more to the point, why do we keep using it?

Attention #Fedi, please be on the lookout for fake crypto scam bot accounts coming from

Remember to check the username and make sure to report and block these account as much as you can!

:BoostOK: Be sure to boost this for more attention

#scam #crypto #fediverse #spam #mastodonsocial

Screenshot of a scam crypto bot posing as the official Mastodon account

Would you fall for this? My youngest kiddo thought she was getting a special #kitten. They just stole $550 of her money and then blocked her on #PayPal without providing the kitten. She spent all of yesterday crying over her lost savings. I didn’t know about it until it was too late. Turns out they have similar sites for #puppies, #birds #reptiles -all #scammer sites.

Caveat emptor. Do not buy #pets from unverified online sellers!

#Scam site:

#scams #onlinescams #fraud

Scammers are creating #PayPal accounts and sending #phishing invoices --- Since the email comes from a legit PayPal address, the chances of falling for this scam are more than usual.


#Security #Phish #Scam #Fraud #CyberSecurity

#Reddit is the latest victim of a security breach that paved the way for threat actors to access its internal infrastructure.


#Security #Breach #Hacking #Phishing #Scam

"That was precisely what the #scam of the Two State Solution was set to do. To allow liberal #Zionists to support the crimes of Zionism and the creation of a #racist state in #Palestine while still feeling good about themselves."

NFTs are Broken By Design

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