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OpenSuse Tumbleweed Rules!

#OpenSuse #Tumbleweed it is simply amazing... If it wasn't for #systemd I would probably use it on my workstation.

The default partition setup it is just the state of the art of #BTRFS usage, which is pretty tedious to do manually; besides that I am also very impressed how smooth and fast it is on this #Ryzen 3 2200U. I am not talking about #Gnome3 of course, I eventually moved on #XFCE cause the non-sense of Gnome which get worst with version 40 🤷‍♂️ but I really don't care, those are their business!

I prefer saying the #XFCE4 setup available on Tumbleweed is pretty excellent and one of the best available, I look forward to have the #docklike panel plugin available on the main repo soon!

Congratulation OpenSuse Tumbleweed!

#linux #opensource #foss #floss #freesoftware

Chattery AN1

I recently bought this computer:

From a website where I wasn't it would be ever arrived and let me say that...

1. It is arrived!
2. Didn't pay shipment or extra customs fees.
3. It was actually what it was described!
4. It is quite silent.
5. It looks well made!
6. Added 8GB or Ram and a NVME M.2 250GB
7. Usage: TV Multimedia Station.

Besides that, I wasn't sure what installing... I initially thought about an #Ubuntu LTS, but too much boring, then I thought to #EndeavourOS but too much Arch-y, I was almost to refold on #Debian or #Devuan as usual when I decided to try #OpenSuse #Tumbleweed and zack!!! It worked perfectly out-of-the-box!

Just I need to read a bit more about Tumbleweed to learn the very basic maintenance!

#linux #linuxhardware #opensource #freesoftware #ryzen #apu #amd

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