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I'm about to give up on Nextcloud.
Installed with Snap, everything works fine except the external drive doesn't load at all even though the green checkmark is there.
Installed with command line, everything works for a few hours and then the site doesn't load at all. OCC commands say that Nextcloud is running fine, even restarted Apache and still doesn't work.
Spent all day on it yesterday to 2:30am.
Even tried using a Syncloud image, but wasn't able to mount the external drive at all.

Why doesn't this work?!

#nextcloud #question #technology #server #nas #computer #cloud #snap #ubuntu

amixes alguien conoce una plataforma libre en la que me pueda organizar con otra persona documentos y cronogramas de manera online? Es para una Tarea

Friends! Does anyone know a free/opensource platform where I can organize with another person documents and schedules online?

#schedules #opensource #help #question

I have a more problematic situation. From different pods of the diaspora, I write public messages with the #question, #help tags, and they are not visible in the threads of other pods when searching for these tags.

Hello #Fediverse #community,

As mentioned in my limited post yesterday, I have a #question about #Diaspora* on the #Onion-Network.

I discovered a Diaspora* pod ( http://connect25lovylmq.onion ) on the #darknet, and because I was curious I opened an account there.
In the meantime I discovered a second pod there ( http://connectkjsazkwud.onion/ ).

My question now would be, does anyone have #experience with Diaspora* on the darknet, or even an #account there?
I would also be interested to know how many pods there are.

For #Feedback and #Exchange of experience I would be grateful.

Have a nice Sunday everybody! 😊

!Friendica Support
#Question, is down on #Friendica, any idea where I can find out what's up with that? E.g., a twitter account, a blog, a forum, an email address...
Thanks! #fediverse

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