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🏳️‍🌈 Artist: #DavidPuck in City: #Bristol TheWardrobeTheater,
(It's in the outdoor, Green room.)
UK 🇬🇧 - Title: "Those People" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #love #Mural #Queer #gay #Graffiti #Artwork
Street art wall. A sprayed image of the heads of two young men. One head is leaning against the other. The mural is very colorful design in all pastel shades. Line color is dark blue.

Ha salido el número 143 del periódico anarquista #TodoPorHacer...

Viene desde Madrid, publicado todos los meses y es gratis allí o descargable en la web gratuitamente también!

En imagen la primera página y descargable en este enlace:

#anarquismo #revolución #anarchie #anarchy #revolution #prision #ecologia #feminismo #queer #archivos


#Queer hackers of the world, unite!

December 3rd @ 8pm EST, the day after the @NYC2600 meeting, our friends at the Tech Learning Collective are excited to invite you to #Hex90’s latest queer hacker salon, “Transposition,” at Wonderville NYC!

DJ's, dancing, indie arcade games, and a in-person #hacking #ctf! Check it or you're utterly hopeless:

HEX90 Present "Transposition" Event Flier

Thank you so much for all the enthusiasm on my book, it's been humbling. Signal boosting it again this morning:

The Red Scholar's Wake, a sapphic romance between nerdy engineer & sentient spaceship pirate queen, is out now!

From Gollancz and JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.

Buy links: (US & Canada) (UK)

Alyssa Winans and Ravven

#theRedScholarsWake #LesbianSpacePirates #spaceOpera #sciencefiction #romance #queer #sapphic #sapphics
Cover of The Red Scholar's Wake by Aliette de Bodard. The quote reads "LESBIAN SPACE PIRATES. Enough said." by Katee Robert. The cover depicts two Vietnamese women standing back-to-back on a space station with a fractured planet in the background: one is wearing armour and holding a sword, the other one is wearing a blue-green tunic and has a soft look. They exude big sapphic battle couple energy.
Cover of The Red Scholar's Wake by Aliette de Bodard. The quote reads "So romantic I may simply perish" by Tasha Suri. The cover is an image of a large round window opening onto space. Two women are holding hands in front of it: one has long robes long flowing hair turning into starlight, the other one a topknot and is wearing a utilitarian shirt and trousers. To the right of them is an oncoming fleet of spaceships. The prevailing colours are red and pink. 

The King and The Bodyguard - for ‘Cover me Queer’ artbook. We paid homage to the illustrated romance novel cover by making them more inclusive but just as cheesy bodice ripper as they have always been.

My contribution features my king and bodyguard characters being ever so romantically dramatic while the world burns around them.

#art #illustration #queer #MastoArt #queer #lgbtq
Illustration - the whole image is tinged red. On the right the bodyguard has a protective hold of the King, dipping him to kiss him while he lifts up his other arm using a shield to catch three flying arrows. Both of them are wearing fantasy greco romany inspired costumes. The background is a scene of some ships and pillared buildings all crumbling and on fire bellowing smoke, arrows continue to fly through the air. The vibe is melodramatic romance novel cover.

Content warning: CW: Anti-queer violence

Doing a lil interest thread 😀
I'm from the south in the US! Joined this place from the #TwitterMigration, I'm hoping the #fediverse continues to grow.
I'm a #socialist & support #degrowth & #decolonization, I think we need to join environmental movement with the labor & national liberation movements. I practice no-till, regenerative #permaculture agriculture with the goal of growing a chestnut-canopy food forest with my community. I am an educator and work at a bar 😀
#queer #trans #riptwitter
Black & White picture of Nausicaa from Nausicaa Valley of the Wind staring off into the distance with a fox squirrel on her shoulder. She says "I'll have out my life in the twilight of this world that humankind has polluted."

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

  • Content warning: Introduction. NSFW mentions feat. lewd
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I’m Fiona Creates, time for an #introduction I’m an illustrator and #comics artist/writer from the UK. I have recently worked on projects for Tapas and Disney as well as my continuing creator owned project, Ladies of the Knight.

Sometimes there's also witches.

Follow here for more character floof, sword ladies, and #queer alt history art and stories.

A recreatrion of a Medieval Illumated Manuscript. In the middle two men are getting married, they are surrounded by all their friends. Everyone is wearing Medieval styled clothing, featuring the bright colours of a variety of pride flags. They stand under an archway which proudly has two pride flags on top, and various historic symbols for queer relationships drawn on the arch. Surrounding the archway is a decadant, spiraling and curling, floral design featuring peaches, violets, aubergines, lillies and green carnations. Two (medieval style ugly) cats frame the arch way, and underneath two salamanders entertwine holding hands. An illustration in shades of pink and teal of a knight, Lady Aethelburg, upon horseback charghing towards the viewer with her lance held aloft. Both her and her horse are dressed in elegant and extravagent fabric, heavily embelished with curling designs and feathers. Her armour is engraved in gold. In the background the crowd is enamoured with her. She is a most glorious knight.
The King and the Bodyguard - In the foreground a King and his Bodyguard dramatically kiss, the bodyguard is dipping the king while holding a shield aloft protecting them from a flurry of falling arrows. The colour scheme is rich golds and purples and the visual styling is of a fantasy greco roman nature. In the background everything is crumbleing and on fire. Ships burn and smoke spirals into the sky. The cover for Ladies of the Knight - Chapter Three. Team Spirit. 

Five Knights stand in front of a sea of tents, they all hold a variety of weaponry, and wear the same design on their surcoat. Lady Frances is front and centre with the C for Captain on her uniform. She glances back to her very best friend and supporter, Lady Serafina who brandishes a sword and is ready to join her in battle. To her other side, the elegant Lady Aethelburg stares out towards the viewer. At the back Sir Rowan is nervously holding a polearm, and Sir Yric smiles knowlingly. They are ready for the events of the next chapter of the comic.

Filtered word: nsfw

System Fail #10: War on Men

Welcome back to another season of System Fail. In our 10th installment, we briefly cover multiple fronts of the War on Men.

First up, Tucker Carlson bravely leads men on an unorthodox quest to boost their testosterone levels. Next, Vladimir Putin bolsters his fragile masculinity by deploying a full-scale invasion of the Ukraine. After that, reactionary conservatives in the United States try to protect their natural, God-given hetero cis gender roles by using the legislative power of the state to strictly enforce them. Then, in Brazil, we discover that the military has come under scrutiny for ordering massive amounts of Viagra and silicone penile implants and also for murdering a 5 year old child. In the final front in the war on manhood, lonely and recently divorced billionaire Elon Musk tries to recuperate his bruised ego by purchasing Twitter, one of the most influential social media platforms on the planet.

That about wraps it up for this episode of System Fail. Tune in every other Monday for the latest updates on the downfall of civilization.

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