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I came back to #Mint with #Xfce, the lowest effort to get a running system. I guess you can also accomplish what I did with Debian or Arch, but I would have had to put more work into it. So #Linux Mint is the OS for now. The #Lenovo #P14s is running fine with it, I still have to add the grub (??) boot hooks for hibernation, this is never working, most users seem not to used suspend to disk, but only suspend to RAM. I like the suspend with all data saved to an encrypted SWAP drive better, it gives me the safety that my RAM content can't be read easily, but that probably is not that save too, but still the suspend to disk is better as it will allow long phase suspend without charging.

I still didn't decide between #Arch or #Debian #Linux for my new #ThinkPad #P14s Gen 1 with #AMD processor and grafics card.
I need:

  • Full disk encryption
  • #Xfce
  • Resume from disk (while full disk encryped including SWAP)
  • VirtualBox

Really tempted to try #Debian, currently have #Mint running on the old machine, but I also like Arch.

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