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#OtD 16 Sep 1973 Chilean communist folk singer and musician Victor Jara was murdered by Pinochet's troops following his US-backed coup a few days before. He was brutally tortured and shot over 40 times in the Chile Stadium.


#OtD 4 Aug 2011, violent clashes erupted between protesters and security forces in an escalation of a popular movement demanding education reform in Chile around such things as access to higher education and the needs of Indigenous Mapuche students.


#OtD 4 Aug 1887 the first public event by the new anarchist union of bakers took place in Buenos Aires. Radical bakers came up with many of the names of Argentinian pastries mocking government, police and the Church, like bolas de fraile (friar's balls).


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#OTD in 1969 after watching launch on TV, I was resting up for the marathon work shifts in SSR1 that would start for me once #Apollo11 spacecraft got within moon’s sphere of influence. Most focus was on JFK’s call to “put a man on the moon”; mine was on “safely return to earth.”

#OtD 8 Apr 2013 former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died. Street parties spontaneously broke out across the country. Pictured: Thatcher being welcomed to hell by one of her good friends and supporters, serial paedophile Jimmy Savile

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