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Congrats to all the contributors behind elementary OS for the latest release of OS 7 Horus!

It’s great to see even easier sideloading of the 2,000 Flatpak apps from Flathub, a more engaging design in AppCenter, and updates to some apps to use GTK4.

Read Danielle’s detailed changes over on the elementary blog:

#OpenSource #GTK #GTK4 #Flatpak #Flathub #elementaryOS

It's here — elementary OS 7 is now available to download #linux #opensource #elementaryOS
elementary logo on a desktop screenshot

Linux Mint 21.2 “Victoria” Is Slated for Release on June 2023, Here’s What to Expect

#Linux #LinuxMint #OpenSource #Ubuntu
Linux Mint

Carretera comarcal OU-536 a su paso por el embalse de Cachamuíña, provincia de Ourense.
Cometa HQ Delta Rainbow 3.
Cámara @Raspberry_Pi.
Altura 217 metros.
Viento Noreste de 17km/h.

En la imagen de ve una masa de agua en la izquierda, una franja de campo y árboles en la zona central y una carretera sin coches en la parte de derecha

Carretera comarcal OU-536 a su paso por el embalse de Cachamuíña, provincia de Ourense.
Cometa HQ Delta Rainbow 3.
Cámara PicaPiKAP.
Altura 217 metros.
Viento Noreste de 17km/h.

En la imagen de ve una masa de agua en la izquierda, una franja de campo y árboles en la zona central y una carretera sin coches en la parte de derecha

Me at an IT job: "I don't understand why everything, even our DevOps has to be microsoft."

IT staff: "Part of the benefit of buying from a large corporation is support. We pay big money to get actual support, instead of a community forum."

Also IT Staff: "Jo fixed the issue we were having. He asked Microsoft, and they were no help but he was still able to fix it!"

Me: 🙊

#opensource #proprietary #programming #it #security

Have ever seen the nick park film Chicken Run (2000)?

In the story, Ginger, a chicken who wants to escape, proves multiple times that she's able to secure her own freedom. She's very clever. But she keeps returning to her friends who can't escape as they have no chance of escaping without her.

This is what being in #freesoftware is like. I can make and use #opensource and secure my own freedom, but coming back for my family and friends means... 1/2

Someone in the #FreeSoftware world really ought to clone/fork @foss_events and sync its data as the seed to use so we can finally have one site to keep track of all events globally. #OpenSource

You can be emitting a very specific deprecation warning for over 2 years, yet still you can be sure that when you actually remove it, people will be running around screaming and urgently pinning their deps to <2.0.

#Python #OpenSource

Buenos días. Buenas tardes. Buenas noches. Comparto mi GNU/Linux: Bodhi Linux 6.0.0 HWE. Usuario reciente de linux, ahora probando esta distro, limpia, simple, ligera y útil.

Que tengan un gran día de linux, música, letras, arte y vida. Quedo a la distancia de un saludo. Abrazos desde la Argentina.
2701.23 - #ViernesdeEscritorio -
#gnulinux #linux #opensource #libre #BodhiLinux #mastodon #fediverso #fediverse

What are open source best practices for "taking over" a PR? Often I've encountered PRs that are like 90% complete but have stalled/etc, and I wanna help get it merged.

1. -- project has extensive review process, but PR only needs rebase and a minor change
2. -- I'm making much more extensive changes

#git #github #opensource


Openwashing: to spin a product or company as open, although it is not. Derived from 'greenwashing.' Michelle Thorn

"When you see an individual, organization, or company claim that their content is "open," check to see if it is licensed under a Creative Commons license, another license that grants you the 5R permissions, or placed in the public domain. If it is not, they are openwashing." #OpenSource #FreeSoftware

Unboxing Penpot official launch

The team can’t wait to go online and unveil what’s in this stunning official release, including the long awaited Flex Layout feature!

Whether you use Penpot for your daily work or not, this is a live stream you can't miss!

@diacritica CEO, @eva_m Front-End developer and @elhombretecla from the Penpot team will guide you through this huge event

🔔Set the reminder

#designer #developer #uxui #penpot #opensource #launch

Open Source should not be restricted to a walled garden. When you appraise your app as being "open source", always consider making it available openly as well – and not just "available at Google Play".

Good options include of course #FDroid or, should your app not fully comply there, the #IzzySoftRepo – but the least you can do is tagging your releases and attach a signed release APK 😉

Oh, and of course make sure to declare a #foss license for it 😄

#Android #OpenSource #apps

#Inkscape quick tip by #LogosByNick

How To Increase The Icon Size In Inkscape | UI Settings

This is not my content, but I'm just a big fan of his videos

Visit his site for hands down, the best videos on Inkscape, plus super cheap video series -

#FOSS #opensource #mastoart
LogosByNick logo
Screengrab for logos by nick video tip for inkscape

Might and Magic 6, 7 and 8 get an open source reimplementation with OpenEnroth

#Gaming #PCGaming #FOSS #OpenSource
Might and Magic screenshot

From IBM earnings call:
“OpenShift, our industry-leading hybrid cloud platform, now has $1 billion in annual recurring revenue.” :redhat:

#cloud #hybridcloud #Kubernetes #opensource

If only this software would exists to Linux 😕 Windows only...

#linux #gaming #linuxgaming #opensource #github

Yo tengo 2 VPNs...
Una de pago de SurfShark, que utilizo para conectarme desde lugares públicos, cafeterías, bibliotecas, warrindonalds y afines.

Luego tengo una Rpi4 con un servicio e Vpn Wireguard, para acceder a casa y poder conectarnos 2 IPs diferentes al Dazn (me acabo de dar de baja). Ambas funcionan bien, siendo una gratis, y la otra de pago.

#opensource no quiere decir peor producto ni mucho menos menor soporte y apoyo....

Searching and visualizing #AWS open geospatial datasets interactively with #leafmap. Image footprints with attribute data can be added to the map automatically and accessed through a GeoPandas GeoDataFrame.

#geospatial #dataviz #geopython #opensource

Listo el modelo y textura de mi Lobo Mecánico (Comisión).

Como reto, lo he pintado directamente en Blender creando brochas, mascaras y jugando con uvs.

#b3d #Blender3d #blendercommunity #OpenSource #SoftwareLibre #BlenderLatino #3dart #3drender #gamedev
Lobo - resultado final modelo y materiales Lobo - Visual de la malla
Lobo - vista del albedo Lobo - visual desde atras

We are extremely happy to see that you are already 100 subscribers on our #Youtube channel. Thanks a lot to all.
If you don't know it yet, visit it (and subscribe!):

#OpenSource #Gameplays

Welcome to pyOpenSci! We are a global organization, building diverse community around the #opensource #python tools that drive #openscience . We offer peer review of Python scientific software. got questions? you can ask here!

Bugfix release - scikit-learn 1.2.1 is out!

🔴 20 fixes
🟡 1 API change

More details in the changelog:

You can upgrade with pip as usual:
pip install -U scikit-learn

The conda-forge builds will be available shortly:
conda install -c conda-forge scikit-learn

Thanks again to all the contributors!

#data #Python #software #ML #opensource #pydata #scipy #sklearn #machinelearning

Snap Assist

Un imprescindible script kwin para KDE Plasma. Permite ubicar ventanas rápidamente en pantalla usando sencillos comandos de teclado, haciendo el flujo muy rápido y dinámico.

Ideal usarlo en dupla con sticky window snapping.

Una genialidad.

#LunesDeSoftwareLibre #opensource #kde #softwarelibre

Our next upcoming 2.3 version will have a new #67GP car created by @-W-E-C- , the Murasama 37a, inspired by the #Honda RA273. If you want you can find it in our trunk code:

#OpenSource #Racing

Ebook Downloader, built with Jetpack Compose.

Myne is a FOSS Android application to download ebooks from the Project GutenBerg, it uses GutenDex API to fetch metadata of ebooks in the backend.
Browse and download over 60k free ebooks available in multiple languages and updated daily.


#foss #android #OpenSource #reading #ebooks #JetpackCompose #GutenbergProject

I have become a major supporter of this entire project. One of the major downsides of trying to privatize your smartphone as much as possible is losing Push Notifications. UnifiedPush is providing an opensource solution that other apps can point to for their Push provider instead of using Apple's and Google's by default. Spread the word. #FOSS #OpenSource #Privacy

Avui a #Vilaweb parlo d'ordinadors valencians, de Linux, de programari lliure, i de la geopolítica de tot plegat.

Europa pot adoptar un model descentralitzat que acabi amb la dependència de la Xina, Rússia o els EUA, també en el front tecnològic, apostant per una reindustrialització continental i empreses locals.

Els usuaris, respecte per la seva privacitat i llengua.

#freesoftware #ProgramariLliure #opensource #slimbook #tuxedocomputers #linux #libreoffice #firefox

Hoy presumiendo mi felicidad con KDE Plasma.

He descubierto un montón de cosas muy geniales que se puede hacer en KDE... no tan evidentes. 😍

#OpenSource #SoftwareLibre #ViernesDeEscritorio #KDE
Kde Plasma - Dolphin personalizado Kde Plasma - Menu aplicaciones
Kde Plasma - Terminal con Cmus (reproductor de música) Kde Plasma - Vista de escritorio

Psst... we're hiring! Many developer positions open, including #Mesa3D, #Vulkan, #graphics, #gstreamer, #cplusplus & #continuousintegration. Join us!

#OpenSource #remotework #hiring #remotejobs #softwareengineering #jobsearch #techjobs #recruiting
Collabora is hiring, many developer positions open.

After 40 years of Lisa's release, the Computer History Museum (CHM) has made the source code open.


Colección avFLOSS

📽️ Colección en constante construcción con más de 350 tutoriales y videotutoriales, en formato marcadores para tu navegador, de las principales herramientas de edición audiovisual de código libre y abierto junto a un listado de bancos de recursos de libre descarga.


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