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(Virtual) Day #2 - 30 Days of FreeBSD

hay quien dice que estamos ante oscuras maniobras de la intelligentsia #opensource ...

igual tengo que empezar (de nuevo) a revisar cuando trato de hablar inclusivamente de software libre y de código abierto ? umh...


Olympus OMD EM5II MZuiko Pro 40-150 mm 2,8 Sparziergang letzte Woche Sonntag rund um Angermund

#Olympus #OMD #Darktable #mywork #myfoto #linux #opensource #nature #gans #angermund #duesseldorf

Midori Android Browser

Hi Folks,

I am browsing #Friendica on my #android phone through #Midori browser and so far the experience has been pretty good.

The browser is snappy and pages are loaded quickly!


#freesoftware #opensource #midoribrowser

Any news about #HyperbolaBSD?

One year ago (more or less) the Hyperbola project announce to rebase their distro over a blend of BSD implementation. A ambitious project but totally worth, however after that announce haven't followed any other updates so far...

Does any of you know if they are still working and moving forward on this project?

This project is extremely interesting and a has great potential to be a real thing and a breaking paradigm!

Some links for who missed the entire history...

#freesoftware #linux #bsd #openbsd #freebsd #opensource

La lista de universidades españolas con oficinas #opensource y cultura abierta sigue creciendo:

Por cierto, está abierto el llamamiento a propuestas de charlas, talleres y salas temáticas de #esLibre2021

Sign the petition:

"Code paid by the people should be available to the people! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under #FOSS licence"

#freesoftware #fsfe #opensource #eu

30 Days of FreeBSD

I'd like to start my 30 days challenge with FreeBSD, I resumed and repaired my (previous) old laptop to see if I can do everything I do normally with Linux (Devuan, Debian and Ubuntu) with FreeBSD, especially with my main workstation (Devuan).

I have been pretty tired about Linux since a while and I look forward to get rid off all the toxicity that every days poisoning the free software culture.

Looks like the BSD realm is cleaner, more resilient and more unix mindset oriented.

I look forward to a positive outcome and make the use of computer funny again!!!


#freebsd #opensource #freesoftware #linux

Reminder of why #Signal is far from optimal:

- No #anonymity (every account is connected to a phone number)
- Not #opensource (the git repo of the server hasn't been updated in a year)
- No #decentralization
- No web client, and max. 1 mobile client per account
- No #privacy (your entire contact list is uploaded to the server. It's encrypted, but it's trivial to brute-force encrypted phone numbers. You can prevent it by disabling the PIN feature, but it's enabled by default without warning.)


What happened this last week just revealed the toxicity inside the #Linux community has never left... The novelty is that now obeys and is unleashed by the new owners...

#gnu #rms #supportRMS #freesoftware #opensource

The ray of hope at the end of this week is that I believe the free and #OpenSource software movements are more unified than ever before that intolerance, abuse, and disrepect from our leaders will no longer be allowed. That's a great thing and a good first step toward visions like #DigitalAutonomy.

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS

The strategy to sink the free software movement

What has happened with all this surrealistic situation about #RMS and the #FSF just helped to make me clear my personal desire to take a huge distance from #Linux, the #opensource and any emanation, direct or indirect, of the #freesoftware with or without #RMS.

I don’t believe in the good faith of these people and organizations:

The objective is only one, wiping out for ever the culture and values of the free-software with any means available.

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Lemmy - An open source decentralised alternative to Reddit

Lemmy is a link aggregator for the fediverse. It provides similar functionality to Reddit but you can host your own instances and federate with other Lemmy instances. It uses the ActivityPub protocol but is not yet federating outside of Lemmy instances. In this video I give some background and take you on a tour of the user interface and features.

Watch my video at Lemmy - An open source decentralised alternative to Reddit

#technology #opensource #lemmy #alternativeto #reddit

Lemmy is a link aggregator for the fediverse. It provides similar functionality to Reddit but you can host your own instances and federate with other Lemmy i...

¿Algun reproductor de #musics para android #opensource y que reproduzca #flac?

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Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

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We're looking for a Snap developer willing to contribute to Akira. Do you want to help us bring Akira everywhere via the Snap Store? Join us if you have some spare time and you're interested in contributing.
#akiraux #snap #opensource

how to deal with an ethical conflict at your job?

Good evening everyone,
I'm a professionnal teacher on the topic of digital inclusio. In my life I use only FOSS apps and services. But at my job, I have to use Windows and Google stuff.
I feel a disturbance in the force. Joke aside, has it ever happened to you guys, and how did you deal with the situation ? Has someone managed to be authorized to use his own software to make his/her work?
How did you negociate that?
And for other, how do you deal with this ethical conflict?

#foss #libre #linux #opensource

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Fediverse's top ten most used hashtags (current week)

Checked servers: 3197
Total hashtags: 828

(hashtag / uses / users / servers)

#bitcoin / 722 / 375 / 30
#shindanmaker / 433 / 388 / 104
#ovh / 407 / 231 / 33
#nowplaying / 364 / 315 / 97
#pixiv / 359 / 78 / 62
#mastoart / 355 / 318 / 113
#art / 320 / 277 / 120
#btc / 247 / 38 / 19
#abyss_fun / 240 / 50 / 26
#opensource / 239 / 191 / 138

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Filtered word: nsfw

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