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@benjaminhollon hmm, I decided to go the #mysql route. I just hope I don't break anything lol
The command to delete the feeds via mysql

MariaDB [freshrss]> delete from freshrss_joel_feed where category = 14;

Aunque ya subi algunos toots, aqui va mi #introduccion:

#Argentino, amante de la #tecnologia, del #automovilismo, #basket y de #musica escucho mas que nada Rock y sus variantes (mas cercanas, nada experimental jaja), Metal y Grunge.

Actualmente trabajo como developer para una empresa, principalmente me encargo del CRM, que esta hecho enteramente por mi en #HTML, #CSS, #JS, #PHP y #MySQL.
Tambien he hecho cosas en #Python para el trabajo, principalmente para IoT con una Raspberry.

Y fan de  !

Cómo conectar una base de datos MySQL en Python #python #mysql

20 comandos mysqladmin para la administración de bases de datos MYSQL/MariaDB #mysql #database

#Friendica needs new contributors!

I'm not used to do this, but with the large influx of new users and node admins recently coming from #Twitter, our small team is now behind the curve for handling support requests, bug reports and bring about much-needed features.

The project is built on a #PHP / #MySQL platform, but we also need people to be able to assist others just using the software to give developers some space.

If you're willing and able to help, please follow @Friendica Support and the project on Github:

Thank you!

Copiar y restaurar copias de seguridad de MySQL / MariaDB para la administración de bases de datos #backup #mysql #mariadb

Cómo instalar MySQL 8 en Amazon Linux 2 #mysql

Cómo Exportar e Importar bases de datos de mysql comprimidas o sin comprimir | NKSistemas #mysql #database #importar #exportar

8 Best MySQL/MariaDB GUI Tools for Linux Administrators #database #mysql

How to Install dbWatch to Monitor MySQL Performance in Linux #

Cómo instalar el servidor MySQL en Ubuntu 22.04 # #

Cómo instalar Adminer Base de datos MySQL Alma Linux 8 # #

Eliminar # e instalar # en # 20.04

Cómo crear un servidor de base de datos MySQL y una base de datos en Azure Cloud #azure #mysql

Hello #Friendica Admins, wants me to set "innodb_buffer_pool_size (>= 20.7G)", which is probably because of the #database size. I assigned 20 GB #RAM to the VM and have 20 GB #SWAP too. So setting it that high is not possible, as this would bring the total max #memory usage way beyond 40 GB.

1. Why is the total max usage higher than this setting? What is the multiplicand parameter?
2. Any idea how I can set this to use 16 GB for #MySQL all the time, allow double in peak and (swapping then) and not more?

I think I will change the setup at some point which will free more RAM for #mariadb, but now I need to cope with it like it is. I see loading time it really bad with low settings for "innodb_buffer_pool_size", like 0.4 seconds over all, more RAM reduces it by 70%... but then I get omm (out of memory) problem.

!Friendica Admins

los primeros numero de mysql en munin.





poquitos datos recolectados, lo encendi recien. vere mas adelante que dice.

#munin #mysql #reisub

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