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Mi nuevo fondo de pantalla en LinuxMint, una foto de la semana pasada.

#ViernesDeEscritorio #mosstodon #lichen
Captura de pantalla de una sesión Mate en LinuxMint
Vemos la barra de tareas abajo con varios programas minimizados.
El fondo de pantalla que ocupa casi toda la captura es un primer plano de un liquen colgando de una rama.

Smooth Rock Tripe lichen (Umbilicaria mammulata) and moss on an erratic.

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #moss #Mosstodon #NaturePhotography
Fresh moss and the foliose Smooth Rock Tripe lichen on a rock.
The lobes of the lichens are curly and their lower surface is velvety black. Fresh moss grows between the lichens and there is still some snow on this rock.
A Smooth Rock Tripe Lichen on a rock.
The upper surface of the lobes is beige-green.
This color changes to green when the lichen is wet.

Was für ein herrlicher Tag. Während eines kurzen Spaziergangs fand ich auf einer Weide mit schönen Walnussbäumen einen abgebrochenen Ast. Er war fast vollständig bedeckt mit Flechten, die Farben reichten von weiß, grün, gelb nach orange. Auch die Strukturen waren unterschiedlich: trompetenförmige Becher, 'Blätter' mit leicht gewellten Rändern und kleine Blumenkohlröschen. Die Fotos zeigen unterschiedliche Perspektiven meines Fundes.
#mosstodon #lichen #lichensubscribe #nature #naturephotography

I was walking on El Teide yesterday, it was nice. #Mosstodon #teide #tenerife
Mossy boulders in mountain forest, pine trees in the background on the rising slope. A path goes up between mossy rocks and green plants.
A path in the forest goed downwards, between green plants, trees and rocks.

That post of mine about the Samsung AI camera really blew up. How about some nice moss pictures?

#Photography #Mosstodon

Nikon D300, Nikkor 300mm f4 ED IF
A strip of moss growing in the crack between pavement and the blue side of a house. A small sprig of grass and some scattered maple seeds on the ground are in sharp focus. The grass is framed on either side by out of focus, round leafed weeds
A block of cement turned into a fluffy pillow by thick moss. Mixed in are rounded leaves of small weeds with striking red edges. Tiny moss spore pods on stalks extend upwards


コバノチョウチンゴケ(たぶん) コバノチョウチンゴケ(たぶん)

First post here, so I guess that's an #introduction 😀

I'm a techie by trade, but occasionally get lost in the woods with a camera in hand. Well ok, I get lost a lot... sometimes even on purpose ;)

This one's for you #mushtodon #sporespondence #mosstodon!

The hashtags here rock!
Dryad saddle mushrooms growing out of a mossy stump

How about a bit of sketchbook #mosstodon and #lichensubscribe on a Wednesday? Drawn with acrylic inks and watercolor. I had a lot of fun with the textures and the colors.

#sketchbook #watercolor
Watercolor sketch of a tree branch with colorful lichen and a round tuft of moss growing on it.

Moss and lichen

Moss and lichen growing on the wooden railing of a forest staircase.

Cladonia fimbriata | Trumpet cup lichen | Trompetenflechte
Nikon D500, Sigma 105mm EX DG OS HSM, 105 mm, f13, 1/200, ISO 1250, handheld
#nature #moss #lichen #macro #photography #germany #mosstodon #lichensubscribe #darktable #digikam
A macro photo of green moss and lichen. Green trumpet-like lichen stand above the green moss. The focus is on the lichen and a few thick moss leafs. The green background is blurry. Many different shades of green make up the image.

Beautiful purple shamrock growing on #Mosstodon

Location: Zhishanyan Nature Trail

#Taiwan #Photo #Photography
A patch of purple shamrock growing happily on mossy ground!

Frozen #Mosstodon for #FotoMontag.
Came out quite dramatic despite using just available light on a pretty foggy day.
#sporangium #moos #moss #frost
Moss sporangia with tiny frozen water drops. Red and green, lit against a dark cool background like crystals.

This ends my little series on the linchpin of the tundra, the lemming. Here’s another Collared Lemming to sign off. #WildlifePhotography #Photography #Nunavut #Arctic #mosstodon
A Collared Lemming sits on the tundra, in front of a patch of moss. Grey brown his darker collar is noticeable. Backlit by the low Sun.

Cuando te quieres proteger y ser abrazable a la vez.

Y algo así lo necesitaba compartir.

#turtle #moss #mosstodon
Tortuga nadando, sobre su concha tiene una bola de musgo. De tal manera que parece que es una coraza de musgo.

hello #mosstodon please enjoy some Spanish greenery (very specifically, from San Pelayo de Guareña, my village in the province of Salamanca)
Bright green moss on a stone wall. There are a couple leaves of navelwort and some lichen as well. More of the reddish orange grassy growths on stone
More moss on stone! This one is darker green, and there are some red, vertical… leaves? strings? grasses? Idk I don’t know moss, I’m just sharing some neat photos. There’s bright sunlight coming from up right, so some of the moss is very brightly lit. More of the same moss and grassy bits. The background is out of focus, but there’s a small river, some grass and trees in the background.

A small spot of lichens, mosses and a few dry brown leaves.
But look closer, there is also a tiny Maple tree with two leaves and a tiny Pine tree with its long needles!

#lichen #LichenSubscribe #moss #Mosstodon #tree #NaturePhotography
A small spot of different lichens, mosses and a few dry brown leaves.
There is also a tiny Maple tree with two leaves and a tiny Pine tree with its big needles.

A month after we met, my husband and I took a hike to the Madenburg castle ruins above Eschbach, in the Pfälzerwald (Palatinate Forest), Germany. There had been a light dusting of snow throughout, and at the highest elevations rain had frozen horizontally on branches. There was a stillness in the air, which this photo captures beautifully.

#BreitensteinArt #naturephotography #photography #trees #snow #forest #germany #hiking #fotografie #deutschland #fairytale #mosstodon #moss #roots
Photo of misty, snow-dappled woods. In the foreground a large tree trunk with moss-covered, finger-like roots grips the ground.

#Mosstodon #moss #lichen #green #nature


some art available here:
Attention European shoppers be aware all products other than Prints are shipped from the USA a greater shipping costs and custom fees may apply
#art #ArtMatters #WomensArt #kunst #mastodonart #abstract #lookingforgalleryrepresentation #AYearOfArt #NRWKunst #NRWKünstlerInnen
Fotografie, Nahaufnahme
Ein hellgrünes Moosposter auf einer grauen Mauer

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