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Apage Satanas! ✝️

#NWO #Matrix #SodomAndGomorrah

♻️ Nora garamatza Google gero eta gehiago eskolan sartzeak?
Egoera honi aurre egin eta #Hezkuntza-ren eta #SoftwareLibre-aren inguruan lan egiteko talde polita sortu dugu #HezkuntzanEreLibrezale:
#Telegram gela:
#Matrix gela:
Bi gelak lotuta daude! 😀
#HEL #Izaroblog

@Mayana Yes, I'm not a bot. The #matrix is ​​currently consuming too many resources to provide big non-commercial public server services. Ongoing donations cover the content of the #xmpp server in some way. Matrix requires at least 100 times more resources for federation. For us, these are not personal preferences, but simply opportunities (XMPP) or lack of opportunity (Matrix).

So #matrix isn't set up with #libera yet, but a kind soul on IRC reminded me that #biboumi exists, and tipped me off that disroot has one running.

I'll set that up instead of waiting for a bridge, and I'll do an #HPREp on the steps required with Conversations and a SASL login to libera. It's going to involve using a second XMPP client that supports XEP-0050.

This report makes it clear that it is now time for all projects to move off #Freenode #IRC.

You can move to #LiberaChat, to #OFTC, to #Rizon, etc. Or use #Matrix or an #XMPP MUC instead of IRC. Just don't "wait and see" and be surprised when your channel is targeted.

/by @LinuxWalt (@lnxw48a1) {3EB165E0-5BB1-45D2-9E7D-93B31821F864}

It seems the pages to watch regarding when #matrix will bridge with #libera are:

The last comment on the issue says:
A libera bridge is in progress: have patience, and join on Matrix for updates.

Want to join a #matrix channel, but prefer to stay comfortable within your #xmpp account? Turns out runs a XMPP gateway - so you can just join a MUC using the `` JID!
Screenshot of gajim's XMPP Service browser showing the available rooms on the server, displaying the capability of connecting from XMPP to the Matrix channel easily

Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India

#WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #matrix #xmpp #p2p #element #quicksy #FreeSoftware

Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

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