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Einige von euch hatten gefragt, ob es ein islieb-Konto auf #Liberapay gibt. Also habe ich jetzt eines eingerichtet:

Wenn ihr Spaß an den Comics habt, könnt ihr auf Liberapay eine wiederkehrende Spende einrichten, die per Lastschrift, Kreditkarte oder Paypal bezahlt wird.

Jede Unterstützung ist ganz herzlich willkommen! Natürlich nur, wenn ihr wollt und das finanziell für euch hinhaut. Ich freue mich auch über alle, die hier einfach Comics mitlesen.

kzimmermann has started accepting donations! Sponsor kzimmermann's work today!

Hey all! Just a quick update: **I've started accepting donations and sponsorship for my work here in Peertube, my blog and all the rest of the fediverse.** You can find out more by accessing my [LiberaPay profile]( to sponsor me. Regardless of whether many people sponsor me or not, my content is and always will be free for you. A sponsorship will motivate me to produce more awesome content for you, and suggestions of content coming from paying patrons will be prioritized here. See you in my next video with more Free Software, Privacy and Security and - let's not forget - GNU/Linux gaming awesomeness!
I know that his is far off but consider suggesting your country to implement #GNU #Taler. I don't know much about it but I vaguely heard of #Liberapay. I know little about whether it runs #JavaScript that is not #FreeSoftware or not

Besides @snowdrift has some studies on the advantages of many of those platforms in regards to sustainability for projects: .

See also .

#FreeSW #LibreSoftware
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