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Fighters forced many out of Colombian rural towns 21 years ago, those who returned fear it might happen again.

Thousands take part in pro-government rallies across Cuba on Saturday after largest anti-government protests in decades.

Cuban government imposes internet blackouts and jams communications. Also, the rise of socially conscious sports stars.

Days after anti-government demonstrations, President Diaz-Canel says 'what the world is seeing of Cuba is a lie'.

The government says they are spread by counter-revolutionaries, while critics say it is the authorities themselves.

At least 100 people have been arrested and one person killed during rare demonstrations in the island nation.

The Pentagon said some former Colombian soldiers accused in the Haitian president's murder were trained by the US.

One cannot understand what is going on in Haiti without considering its long history of violent foreign intervention.

Rare demonstrations spurred by a deepening economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic have rocked Cuba in recent days.

Freddy Guevara's arrest came as unidentified armed men threatened opposition leader Juan Guaido in his carpark.

Protesters across Cuba shouted 'freedom' and 'we are not afraid' at rare protests on Sunday. Here's why.

Civil society activists say holding vote amid deep political instability is not the way out of Haiti's current crisis.

US imposes restrictions on 100 Nicaraguan officials it says are involved in government crackdown and rights abuses.

Thousands marched in Havana in one of Cuba's biggest ever anti-government demonstrations.

As political uncertainty persists after June presidential elections, Peru has struggled to stem coronavirus infections.

Martine Moise, who was critically injured in attack that killed her husband, calls on Haiti not to 'lose its way'.

Before the Euro 2020 final, there is a bigger rivalry locking horns - it's the Copa America 2021 final in Brazil.

Two superstars set to lead Argentina and Brazil in Copa America final played at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

After two days of heavy shootings in eastern Caracas, law enforcement agents enter the 'Cota 905' area.

Rights group says shooting of Ernesto Llaitul, son of a Mapuche leader, would exacerbate region's complex situation.

Letter from prime minister's office pleads for help 'to restablish security and public order in the whole territory'.

Haitian police have arrested suspects in the assassination of President Moise by gunmen who stormed his home on July 7.

Police kill four 'mercenaries' and capture two others as President Jovenel Moise's assassination threatens more chaos.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights urges Colombia to make structural changes to its militarised police force.

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