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Reblog if you think everywhere should be a safe place for the #LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

If you are an #ally I want to follow you.


Guten Morgen aus Moskau. Oder auch - keinen guten Morgen aus Moskau. Die Duma hat gerade das "Gesetz zum Verbot der Propagierung nichttraditioneller sexueller Beziehungen" verabschiedet. Homo- oder Transsexualität werden in einen Topf geworfen mit Pädophilie. Filme, die #LGBTQ+ propagierten, sollen nicht mehr gezeigt werden. Das alles geschehe "im Interesse russischer Bürger", man müsse erhalten, was "uns unsere Vorfahren übergeben haben", so der Duma-Sprecher. 1/2

#Rewe the # 2 biggest Groceries Retailer of Germany sends a strong message! after #FIFA ridiculous decision to forbid the Support of #OneLove a simple sign of Diversity for #HumanRights #Lgbtq #WomanRights #Freedom #Democracy and against #Racism Rewe ended it's cooperation with DFB as well giving away all available Collector's albums of DFB/FIFA for Free and will donate the already made profit from it most likely to support the values of Humanity.

Thank you Rewe Group!

The King and The Bodyguard - for ‘Cover me Queer’ artbook. We paid homage to the illustrated romance novel cover by making them more inclusive but just as cheesy bodice ripper as they have always been.

My contribution features my king and bodyguard characters being ever so romantically dramatic while the world burns around them.

#art #illustration #queer #MastoArt #queer #lgbtq
Illustration - the whole image is tinged red. On the right the bodyguard has a protective hold of the King, dipping him to kiss him while he lifts up his other arm using a shield to catch three flying arrows. Both of them are wearing fantasy greco romany inspired costumes. The background is a scene of some ships and pillared buildings all crumbling and on fire bellowing smoke, arrows continue to fly through the air. The vibe is melodramatic romance novel cover.

Selfie of me outside with a black jacket, pretty heavy makeup, tho nude shades and red lipstick

I have a request.

Bad actors will soon figure out - if they haven't already - that setting up impersonations of important organizations now will allow them to set off an explosion of chaos and confusion at a time of their choosing.

So if you run an account for an organization (especially #LGBTQ), please set up link verification between your Mastodon account profile and your organization's website.

If not, please boost.

Instructions are here under "Link Verification":

Morning sketch-stream results! Just a pretty simple one this time!

Happy #TransAwarenessWeek !

Be sure to give a piggyback ride to your local transbian catgirl today.

#mastoart #art #lgbtq
A digital illustration of a catgirl getting a piggyback ride from another girl. The catgirl has her hair color in the pattern of a trans pride flag, and the other girl has a trans flag painted on her shoulder. The background is a roughly painted trans pride flag.

😀 Saludos a todos. Me presento.
Mi nombre es Aitor. Soy escritor de literatura erótica gay, bisex y hetero (dicen que en la variedad está el gusto). Actualmente estoy preparando una serie de relatos y me encantaría conocer a escritores/as con quienes compartir experiencias y lectores/as con los que comentar lecturas.
¿Charlamos? 😁

#literatura #literaverso #booktodon #lgbtq #lgbt #integracionbooktodon

A ver, necesito seguir a más #sáficas por aquí. Por Satán, chiquis. ¿DÓNDE ESTÁIS?

#lgbtq #queer #lesbianas #bisexuales #wlw #señorasquegustandeseñoras

Y ya no sé qué más poner

Pues toca #presentación ! Me llamo Ro (ella/elle), vivo en Países Bajos. En #laredsocialquenodebesernombrada sólo stalkeo, pero espero participar más por aquí. Me interesa #programacion, #diseñografico, #series, #activismo en general y #LGBTQ en particular... y ya estaría. Ah, bueno, #eattherich

This seems like the place for Trans rights Donkey Kong.

#lgbtq #pixelart #donkeykong

I know it's a common problem - but rebuilding community and changing from #twitter to #mastodon is a slow progress, partly as I don't know accounts to follow...

Any #LGBTQ+ scientists / engineers / academics to follow on here?

Will RT replies etc.

Can't find the #queer groups on this app if I tag #lgbtq will the gays find me help

Lee says Singapore will repeal law criminalising sex between men, but will uphold traditional definition of marriage.

For #pridemonth we're celebrating #LGBTQ #animation and this week, it's TV shows.

Created by Simpsons' showrunner Mike Reiss, Queer Duck was not the first gay cartoon character on TV by long shot. His show was, however, the first cartoon broadcast (in 2000) with explicit LGBT themes & lead character and later broadcast on Teletoon and Showtime.

Although not a giant, the show remains a milestone nonetheless.

#animation #TV #QueerDuck
The Queer Duck title card. A lavender background with the words 'Queer Duck' with the title character in the 'Q'