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Florida and Kentucky are losing educators to extreme anti-LGBTQ+ laws

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If you are opposed to same sex marriage, then you can simply say no when someone of the same sex proposes to you.

Leave the rest of us alone. See how that works? That’s actual #freedom.

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Tránsfobos: "pero es que si cualquiera puede cambiar de género con solo pedirlo, la gente va a cambiar de género solo porque puede sacarle provecho"


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In the 19th century there was a panic about masturbation and its effect on the nation on both sides of the Atlantic.

At the beginning of the 20th century there was a panic about women's liberation, in sex and politics, destroying society.

By the mid 20th century there was a panic about sexual liberation and free love.

Later, in the 70s and 80s, there was a gay panic and gays were presented as predators and deviants.

Now, in the early 21st century, there is a trans panic and its trans and non-binary people who are seen as the social threat.

These are five separate panics across over 150 years, But, actually, they're not separate at all: they are the same panic generated by the same people that comes again and again and again in waves. Its a panic generated by the sexually puritan and socially authoritarian whose politics is that of coercion and control.

This tendency is the ultimate enemy of all lovers of social and personal freedom.

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Florida school district orders librarians to purge all books with LGBTQ characters


Charlotte County school librarians sought guidance from the school district about how to apply an expansion of the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, better known as the "Don't Say Gay" law, to all grades. "Are we removing books from any school or media center, Prek-12 if a character has, for example, two mothers or because there is a gay best friend or a main character is gay?" the librarians asked, according to the document. Vianello and McKinely told the librarians, "Yes." 

The guidance made clear that all books with LGBTQ characters are to be removed even if the book contained no sexually explicit content. The librarians asked if they could retain books in school and classroom libraries with LGBTQ characters "as long as they do not have explicit sex scenes or sexual descriptions and are not approaching 'how to' manuals for how to be an LGBTQ+ person." The guidance provided by Vianello and McKinely was: "No. Books with LBGTQ+ characters are not to be included in classroom libraries or school library media centers."

Vianello and McKinley also advised teachers must ensure that books with LGBTQ characters and themes do not enter the classroom, even if they are self-selected by students for silent reading. According to Vianello and McKinley, books with "[t]hese characters and themes cannot exist."

Y para cuando eso pasa, el niño ya habrá estado recibiendo durante años el aprendizaje de que no cumplir la cisheteronorma va a ser motivo de burla y discriminación.

Así que sí, es necesario una educación que combata ese aprendizaje social de la discriminación desde muy temprano.


Si crees que niños de menos de 10, 11 o 12 años no necesitan oír sobre inclusión LGBTQ porque antes de esa edad el porcentaje de niños que pueden haber tenido esos sentimientos es "muy muy pequeño", es que no tienes ni idea.

La identidad de género y la orientación sexoafectiva se empieza a manifestar mucho mucho antes de esa edad. Otra cosa es cuándo el individuo toma consciencia de su identidad y orientación.


Pues antes de saltar a las conclusiones, he querido conocer de primera mano lo que ha pasado con el vocalista de Thy Art Is Murder.

Y, bueno, la historia de siempre: "no estoy en contra de la gente LGBTQ, solo quiero proteger a los niños".
Y alguna mención a la pedofilia sin mucha explicación.


Fragmento del comunicado de CJ McMahon después de su expulsión de la banda de metal Thy Art Is Murder en el que dice que no es LGBT-fóbico, pero que las familias LGBTQ+ están adoctrinando a los niños sobre cosas de las que no deberían oír hablar a esas edades.

Heeeey! Yujuuu… hola?

Tenés desde hoy viernes 8 de septiembre hasta el 25 de septiembre a las 23.59h para enviarnos tu proyecto.

Te dejamos del formulario aquí y también en la bio del formulario (leelo todo porfi!) 👀

A qué esperáaaaaasss? A preparar esos fanzinitos se ha dicho ✏️📝📕💄✨

Cartel @_conchipcion

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Convocatoria abierta para participar del PICHI FEST 2023 del 8 al 25 de septiembre - Link

So, as of tomorrow, I'm officially unemployed, my employer decided they can't get an accommodation role for me, after the Employee Relations team dropped the ball on one role, then the other role, just I apparently wasn't chosen for after an interview.

I've had zero luck with The Hartford the last few months as well.

So, at this point, if anyone has any side doors they can help me through for a job, ideal a level 1 or junior SOC or security analyst role, I would really appreciate that. But I am also open for if it's something like an internal Desktop Support, or a low level Sysadmin role, that is work from home, I would really appreciate that. I may not have 100% of the qualifications, but it's something I can do, and for what I don't know, I am a very quick, hands on learner.

I just really need to get an income going again. It's been way too tight just with Kara's income the last year or so.

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How Zooey Zephyr, Montana's 1st trans legislator, became a national celebrity

#transgender #trans #lgbtq

Welcome to #TransTuesday!

I’ve put this one off for actual years because I just didn’t feel able to discuss it. But now I do! Maybe? I dunno, let’s find out together as we talk FINDING OUR TRANS STYLE.

For trans people who transition as adults, figuring out our style can be a giant puzzle. It was certainly that way for me.

#trans #transgender #transrightsarehumanrights #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #queer

Me wearing a pair of white platform boots that have four buckles up the front, and the center of each buckle is an iridescent metal heart.

First Ugandan is charged with ‘aggravated homosexuality’ punishable by death

#LGBTQ #homophobia #HumanRights #DeathPenalty

Así que entre los artistas que han hecho declaraciones tránsfobas recientemente están Alice Cooper¹, Carlos Santana², el guitarrista de KISS y el cantante de Twisted Sister³


Algunos me fastidian más que otros, pero podré vivir sin ellos.

#LGBTQ #transfobia

Content warning: transphobia

Dua Lipa on her childhood, self-confidence, feminism, future projets and #MeToo

"Homophobia and transphobia are neighbors of misogyny. Many people, deep down, are just scared of themselves." Dua Lipa says to Vogue.

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A transgender woman in New York has achieved a significant settlement with Broome County after experiencing violence, discrimination and the denial of medical care while in custody at Broome County Jail.

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Federal Judge Blocks Trans Care Ban In Georgia, Debunks "Experimental" Talking Point

A Federal Judge in Georgia has blocked a gender affirming care ban from taking effect. In doing so, she also debunked several anti-trans talking points, including the idea of "low quality evidence."

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North Carolina laws curtailing transgender rights prompt less backlash than 2016 'bathroom bill' | AP News

#transgender #trans #lgbtq

Content warning: transphobia Florida

Vietnam’s ‘ballroom’ culture: A safe space to celebrate transgender people | LGBTQ News | Al Jazeera

#transgender #trans #lgbtq

I hope someone opened a #LGBTQ Resource Center as close to the campus as possible.


If you currently identify as a cis man or cis woman, but:

• You have recurring thoughts of being a different gender.
• You would be a different gender, if given the choice.
• You wouldn't be fussed if you magically woke up one day as a different gender.

... you might be interested to know that this isn't a common thing for cis folks to do 😅

& you might find this website helpful:

#cis #StillCisTho #gender #GenderIdentity #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

Content warning: Transphobia marketing

34) The war on #Libraries by “conservatives” is just another front stoked up against the #LGBTQ community at the behest of those exploiting #CultureWars for political gain.

In truth the #GOP which has been fully co-opted by #Trumpism has nothing to offer on making lives better for #Americans beyond cultivating rage and fear directed at smaller less powerful groups. It is classic #RightWing behavior from the 1930s

26) The #GOP in Congress are doing their bit to move #ReproductiveRights and #LGBTQ issues up the national agenda for #Election2024.

The #HardRight look to start #CultureWars on major legislation wherever possible. Clearly an indication that they want a national #abortion ban and to ostracize the #queer community

A more than questionable winning strategy

#Politics #UsPolitics

23) #PeteButtigieg shows the way for #Election2024. Americans have to decide whether they want government that gets things done or #CultureWars and the attendant hatred directed at the #LGBTQ or other minority communities.

#USPolitics #Politics

Florida bans AP psychology classes, proving Ron DeSantis wants a return to the pre-Stonewall days |

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

A small selection of South African visual activist Zanele Muholi’s powerful and empowering work on show at Southern Guild, V&A Waterfront, #CapeTown.

It includes new additions to their now famous ongoing series Somnyama Ngonyama (“Hail the Dark Lioness”).

Once again in awe of their work.

More info here

#queer #art #activism #LGBTQ #BlackMastodon #SouthAfrica

A striking, high-key, black-and-white self portrait of visual activist Zanele Muholi dressed in a black hat, white head robe and religious necklace. They are looking straight into the camera with a intense gaze matched by the intentionally dark tones of her exposed black skin as if to dare the viewer to look back and understand. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery. Wide shot of a white gallery wall covered in striking black-and-white self portraits of visual activist Zanele Muholi, with big, shiny black sculpture in the foreground. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery.
A wide shot of a shiny gold sculpture with an oversized black-and-white self portrait of visual activist Zenele Muholi breaking up the sterile, white gallery background, her gaze piercing the room from an intense saturation of dark skin tones and a wave of thick, dark hair. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery. Wide shot of a black and white diptych made up of two low-key self portraits of visual activist Zanele Muholi striking expressive poses, with a gold-and-white suggestive sculpture in the foreground. 

© Zanele Muholi / image taken with permission of the gallery.

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