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Want to help #keyoxide support more websites and services to verify accounts on?

This is always the most satisfying part of Keyoxide development! I'm currently busy with other Keyoxide dev so looking for people to help out with this.

People on the forum are already proposing many websites and providing links to documentation. All that is needed is doing some testing, adding one config file to the #javascript library and opening a PR.

Minimal coding skills required, beginner friendly 😀

Hoy en la Newsletter hablo sobre la serie de artículos de FreeBSD de @fanta (para bien), Alan Turing, teoría sobre JSON Web Tokens (JWT) y un reto para descodificar un XML.
¡Suscríbete ya para recibirlo! #web #programacion #webdev #python #javascript

Acortador de URL, crea el tuyo utilizando PHP y JavaScript #informática #internet #acortador #css #javascript #php #url

"[..] Maybe a bit dramatically, one is forced to think that all of this complexity, bloat, and hot new bloat to fix previous bloat, is a net loss for humanity. If quantified, the cost in terms of time, effort, energy, and money must be enormous. What a collective, mammoth exercise in intellectual dishonesty. What a monumental waste.[..]"

#javascript mess ? xD

I just released v1.10.0 of #DOjS on

This is the release #DOStodon is based upon!

See thread below for release details!

#MSDOS #DOSGaming #retrocomputing #JavaScript #FreeDOS #creativecoding #p5js #retrodev #retrodevelopment #3dfx #OpenGL

You know you've spent too much time in #javascript and too little time in #ruby when...
A Ruby on Rails controller with `null` instead of `nil`.

Curso para aprender JavaScript en una semana #javascript #cursos

Content warning: Don't touch my clipboard

New #DOStodon features:

Implemented indentation and lines for toot context view (real thread view)

Toots and notifications now show the time in a more readable fashion as a relative time.

Added type filter for notifications

#RetroComputing #MSDOS #Mastodon #JavaScript #DOjS
DOStodon showing the context/thread of a toot with indentation and connecting lines a filtered notification list
unfiltered notifications the help screen for the notifications with the new filter feature

Curso de JavaScript practicando desde cero #cursos #javascript

C++ Compiler Targets the Web - It is a common problem these days. You have a piece of code in C or C++. Maybe it is older code. O... - #softwaredevelopment #softwarehacks #webassembly #emscripten #javascript #compiler #asm.js #web #c

Big #DOStodon update:

Added local timeline

Added global timeline

Added hashtag timeline

Added 'view bookmarks'

Added 'view favorites'

Added text input field

Reworked sidebar

Added auto refresh countdown

#RetroComputing #MSDOS #Mastodon #JavaScript #DOjS #DOScember

Grab it here:
DOStodon showing the timeline for the hashtag #cat DOStodon showing the bookmarked toots
DOStodon showing the local timeline the server DOStodon showing the "enter hashtag" dialog

aquí deixo un senzill #codi per a fer un mapa web. Tot i que segur que ems programadors el faríeu molt millor (sóc geògraf).

a aquí dejo un senzillo #código para hacer un #mapa web. Aunque seguro que los programadores lo haríais mucho mejor (soy geógrafo).

#html #javascript #webmap #LeafletJS

alguna vez mire este #p2p pero nunca lo logre entender del todo
Me instale #manyverse hace unos 18 meses atras y lo tengo corriendo e incluso he hecho pruebas entre 2 cuentas, pero la complegidad para el usuario final, lo hacen muy dificil para que llegue a tener exito.
Ademas esta el problema de #javascript que lo convierte en algo peligroso. Similar a #ipfs
Son buenos esfuerzos y ojala sigan asi, pero necesitamos avanzar a soluciones + faciles de instalar/configurar

Have you fallen in love with the #fediverse and #Mastodon? Can you do development in #ruby or #javascript? Do you want to get more involved in free open source software?

Magic Stone is looking for volunteers to solve problems in their fork of Mastodon. While the software includes some community-requested improvements it needs help continuing to develop toward the needs of everyone involved.

If you would like to apply your energies to solve big or small problems and help keep the diverse in fediverse software, you’re welcome to check out the open issues.

DM me with any question, no matter how small!

#FOSS #Ecko #MagicStone

Si quieres colaborar con el fork Ecko, #MagicStone está buscando #voluntarios.

Hay mucho donde colaborar:

Más información: @weex

#FOSS #Ecko #javascript #ruby #fediverse #mastodon

Do we really want to do more #javascript to make #webcomponents ?

Adding more complexity to the 'modern front-end web development ' ?

Chris Ferdinandi shows another possible approach to ...

#html #includes ?

#stacklessway 4TW !

For #DOScember I want to remind you, that if you want to try coding on #3dfx #voodoo cards using #GLIDE or #OpenGL, you can use #DOjS for that. I mapped nearly the complete APIs to #JavaScript...

#RetroComputing #MSDOS
A cube composed of red and white spheres of different sizes
javascript source code in a text ui editor

Small Web sites will require JavaScript to sign in.


To protect your privacy.

We use public-key authentication (which I’m implementing as we speak) so your secret is never stored on the server and you only enter it in places you own and control.

(I can already see some folks up in arms about this because JavaScript Bad™ so I just checked in the initial copy for the page that gets displayed if JavaScript is off.)

#SmallWeb #Kitten #SmallTech #JavaScript #cryptography #authentication
Screenshot of https://localhost/sign-in in a browser. Web page contents follow:

Title: Sign-in requires JavaScript

Heading: What should I do?

Strong: Please turn JavaScript on in your browser.

If you’re using a browser extension like JavaScript Toggle On and Off (link), please make sure that it’s toggled on.

Heading: Why?

Strong: To protect your privacy.

Your secret is yours and yours alone. You should only enter and store it in places that you (and you alone) own and control.

While your browser runs on your machine and is in your control, your server might be hosted by someone else. So your server never knows or stores your secret.

In case you’re interested in the technical details, signing in makes use of public-key cryptography (link).

Heading: But isn’t all JavaScript evil?


Like all code, it depends on who owns and controls it and what it does.

This is a Small Web (link) site powered by Kitten (link). All the JavaScript here is free and open. You own and control this site and all of the code that powers it works to protect your interests and your interests alone.

Remember my #Mastodon Cyberdeck?
Well, here is another Mastodon client: DOStodon.
A Mastodon client for #MSDOS implemented in #JavaScript!
DOStodon running in DOSBox showing the home timeline DOStodon running in DOSBox showing composing of a toot
DOStodon running in DOSBox showing the notification timeline screenshot of two web browsers showing the same content as DOStodon

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