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Items tagged with: Japanuary

Business Commando Yamazaki 1997 企業戦士YAMAZAKI LONG DISTANCE CALL
Directed by Tsuneo Tominaga

A 42-year-old salaryman is made to serve his company beyond the grave when his brain is installed in a super-powered android body in order to carry out corporate espionage. Another hilarious funny #Anime #OVA #Video #Anilist #Japanuary

xxxHOLiC 2022 ‘ホリック’
Directed by Mika Ninagawa

To be free of his dark visions, Kimihiro Watanuki will work for Dimensional Witch Yūko, a mystical woman quick to help those in a bind—for a fee. xxxHolic is a #Japanese #Manga series written and illustrated by the manga group #Clamp #Japan #Movies #Anime #Asianmovies #Japanuary
Japanese movie cover with Ryunosuke Kamiki Ko Shibasaki

Drive My Car
Drama by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi, Japan, 2021

Not for the impatient: The three hours should be taken, even if they didn't seem that long to me due to the exceptionally good pacing. The opening credits alone start after 45 minutes.
The story unfolds in all its breadth and revelation over the course of the film.


#DriveMyCar #Drama #RyūsukeHamaguchi #Japanuary #Film #Filmfan #FilmReview #Filmastodon #Movies #Cinema
Move poster: A red saab on the side of the road. A young woman is sitting in the car, a man is leaning on the hood of the car. In the background the sea and mountains can be seen.

Laid-Back Camp The Movie 2022 ‘映画『ゆるキャン△』’ Directed by Yoshiaki Kyougoku

Your favorite comfort #anime returns with a movie as the former members of the Outdoors Club get together again, this time to build a campsite! Reunite with Nadeshiko, Rin, Chiaki, Aoi, and Ena as they gather around the campfire once more with good food and good company. #Anime #Animation #Japanese #Cinema #Japanuary #nw

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