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True social networking and communicating platforms and other tools

As far as I understand, both have to be online at the same time because there are no servers connecting them. So, both devices have to be online at the same time to be able to decrypt the E2EE messages. And I also believe that each device has to have its own identity. I believe that #Jami has a solution for those issues, at least for the multiple-device-identity but it has to use a server between devices to allow for that.

Also, #Jami adds you to an apparently centralized user directory when you sign up without consent. You cannot opt out, and there is little to no document about the directory.

Any user of #Jami? It's my fourth or fifth time I install it. In all my tests is the best app for videocalls, but sincerely I don't know how to make it work. I test it with my family, receive the contact request, accept, send the message and the other didn't receive, try to call and sometimes the other receive the call, most of the times don't... #help #jami #communication

no recibí nada te escribí y nada, creo que el #jami este no es muy usable 😔

bueno estoy probando #jami, pero no tengo contactos alguien por aqui? soy adbenitez allá también

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