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Items tagged with: Inka

Covering a few bases of my interests here with #TravelPhotography, #Brutalism, and #ModernArt, along with it being #StandingStoneSunday and it sort of counting too. This is the Intihuatana #sculpture in #Lima, #Peru. Intihuatana are symbolic standing stones used by the #Inca for astronomical observations, with notable examples in Machu Pichu. Photo taken in 2019.

#Travel #Inka #Brutalist #Miraflores #Photography
Concrete sculpture a few metres tall and wide standing in a shallow, circular pool of water in a bit of parkland with flowers and palm trees on the cliff top overlooking the sea on a bright, sunny day. The sculpture consists of one main mostly rectangular block with a slightly smaller T-shaped block offset from it. Both blocks have geometric shapes cut out of their concrete forms: rectangles, circles, lozenges.

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