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The #IndieWeb people have been using subdomains for usernames for many years.

There's a good selection on -- I've not got anything integrated into my site yet, but I've (at least currently) got my eye on #Offen for once I get around to doing so. 'Internal work webapp' is definitely a different scope than #IndieWeb would usually be targeting, but that page looks like a good survey in general.

When it comes to creating content online, we should always #POSSE - Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere

But I also PESOS - Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate (to your) Own Site.

Basically, I turn some #SocialMedia posts into blog posts. I find that PESOS suits me better as I like to come up with posts on the fly, and it's easier to write longer articles from them.

#Blogging #Blogs #IndieWeb #Writing

🎉 Six years ago today, the #IndieWeb Webmention protocol was published as a W3C REC A key social web building block, Webmention enabled peer-to-peer comments, likes, and other responses to be created, updated, and dele

i have updated my #gemini resource on #degrowth, #communities & scale, forgiveness & growth, and imagining a kinder future on and offline!

accessible here: gemini://
or here:

as always, if you have any links burning a hole in your pocket that could do with being added, please send them over! i think it might be time to start more thoroughly organising it, soon.

#permacomputing #smallweb #indieweb #smolweb #sustainability #communication #networking

😍 If you love #RSS or want to (re)start reading #blogs via RSS in 2023, then you’ll love this: @chriscoyier just shared his OPML of developer and designer blogs. 🔥
#YearOfBlogging #personalsites #indieweb

Re- #introduction for the newcomers:

I've been on the internet since the mid 1990s. My nostalgia for those days means I'm into #web0, #indieweb, #gemini, #irc, and other ancient and pseudo-ancient artifacts of the internet.

I write #software to get money. (I haven't written much code for fun in a long time, sadly.) When I'm not busy working or #parenting, I try to spend time on #music, mostly playing #guitar and guitar-adjacent things.

El col·lega # @hiperterminal m'ha ensenyat el projecte # que comparteixo amb tots.

Penso cada cop més que ens cal recuperar la sobirania digital i impulsar la descentralització tecnològica.

I els bibliotecaris i les # hi tenim molt a dir.

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