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Items tagged with: Guix

I think I fucking did it.
Fixed the FreeCad #guix package that have been broken for months.

Soon in your favorite package manager!

Exhausting process.
The compilation is like half an hour or so and the problem was the weirdest thing.

Just when you think a couple of doublequotes don't count!!
Right in your face!!

Luis Felipe is proposing #GNU #Guix 1.2 t-shirts and hoodies!

Luis is the designer of the Guix and Guile logos, of the Guix and Guile web sites, and of the 1.2.0 release illustration. 👍

Don't miss this opportunity to support Luis and to be in fashion!
#GNU #Guix

I've been playing with childhurds in #Guix (👍 @janneke!) but of course, I'd only test it in 'guix system vm'.

So we have #GNU #Hurd in a box, in #Guix in a box, on top of #Guix System. Turtles all the way down...

(Pictured: vncviewer and SSH client connected to the #childhurd.)


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