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The week before last I had the opportunity to deliver a "flash talk" at a work meetup. I opted to present a summary of what I've learned while adding support for Finger and Gopher protocols to the WordPress installation that powers (I also hinted at the fact that I already added Gemini and Spring '83 support, and I'm looking at other protocols).

The presentation is a shortened, Automattic-centric version of a talk I'll be delivering at Oxford Geek Nights tomorrow. If you're in or around Jericho, Oxford tomorrow, come say hi!

Read more or watch at:

#finger #Gopher #Gemini #Spring83 #WordPress #Automattic #Oxford

I'm finally ready to unveil my new weird software project that I've been working on: #Cosmarmot, a #Gopher to #Gemini gateway. I've got a public instance running at gopher:// Screenshots below in TurboGopher on #MacOS System 7.5, and in #Bombadillo in #CoolRetroTerm (since I can't take a real screenshot on my VT420).

Useful (?) for #Retrocomputing: if your old computer will run a Gopher client, but doesn't have the oomph to do the TLS a Gemini client needs, point it at Cosmarmot and explore Geminispace.

Made with secret alien technology (#CommonLisp), source at
A screenshot of a Mac System 7.5 desktop. It is running TurboGopher, showing in a window, with links to several Gemini sites.
A screenshot of Bombadillo running in Cool-Retro-Term. The terminal screen is black with glowing amber characters in the distinctive DEC terminal font. It is showing the main index, with links to several Gemini sites.

Logueándote a en un terminal (Arte ANSI)

Lagrange is so good, how exciting! I wish I could browse html/http with it because it's so fast and clean!

Seriously, if you see this post and aren't checking out #Gemini or #Gopher go give Lagrange a try! The web is text (and fun) again!

A command-line and offline-first… browser/feed reader for Gemini, Gopher, Spartan and Web

(Looks nice. Never been on this gopher thingy.)

#gopher #gemini #spartan

Do you like #gopher and #gemini? Are you in open revolt against the devilish mainstream internet, renouncing Web 2.0 and all its works?

If you use terminal colours via internet, please hit me up, here or on the textnet. I’m trying to make a central depot for gopher and Gemini colour sites, especially any artists doing ASCII/UTF8/BIG5 &c.


What can I say; I’m a bbs kid. I like CLI text. I like pretty primary colours.

Hi - I'm new. I used to run a pleroma instance a couple of years back, and I have some presence on port-70 # and now port-1965 # where I'm writing at gemini://

My dayjob is in front-end Web tech but I'm more interested in unix-derivative computing, the command line, sustainable/solarpunk tech. I'm also into cycling, trekking & camping, urban gardening, vinyl audio (dub, electronica, lo-fi hip-hop), communisation theory/praxis. Favourite shape: hexagon.


Content warning:

[from 2021 but farily new] lets use USENET along gemini, fediverse etc forget bloated corporate http/web crap - New funding for the Net’s oldest discussion network I been using it for 3 weeks now and i got it to auto update my fav groups. # # # # # #


A command-line and offline-first smolnet browser/feed reader for #, #, # and Web by .

The goal of # is to be able to synchronise your content once (a day, a week, a month) and then browse/organise it while staying disconnected.

#KommInsFediverseTaz 🐾 Danke an alle Unterzeichner*innen des Offenen Briefs an die #taz

rrrrrreally shoulda hashtagged #gopher too. #gemini shows up for many other things too. far fewer instances of off-topic noise with #gopher.

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