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ipmitool Repository Archived, Developer Suspended By GitHub - Phoronix

This tool for interacting with the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is extremely common with server administrators while now its development is in a temporary state of limbo due to GitHub.

Maybe it's time to #GiveUpGitHub



:opensource: #OpenSource Initiative #OSI using a proprietary issue tracker software for its new website.

Gotta appease those sweet sweet corporate sponsors, I guess. Even when said sponsors are selling proprietary software.

#openwashing #hypocrisy #GiveUpGitHub

πŸ’‘ This weekend would be a perfect time to #GiveUpGitHub.

☣️ #GitHub is the #Twitter of software development, creators of the most enticing proprietary walled garden ever made for #FOSS developers.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource
GitHub Octocat mascot with a sack of money and crushing the words "USER RIGHTS"

Have you ever heard of OneDev?

Think about GitLab, but smaller, simpler, lighter, with GUI and CI/CD all fits in a Docker container.

This can be an alternative to #Gitea for programmers who #GiveupGithub. Please boost if you are a programmer.

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Source code:

#GitLab #GitHub #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Education
OneDev, a rich-featured and lightweight GitHub and GitLab alternative


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