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Going through last toots of every followed #Mastodon account provided with my script. Results as #GemText output (only content and links, without boosts) in #Amfora, #Gemini browser is interesting experience.
Terminal window with Amfora Gemini browser and text content from script gathering last toots and their links.

This is my second week of consistent writing and publishing longer posts (compared to what I usually post here) on my own website.

See a list of my recent posts:

Writing in gemtext is more constrained than HTML or Markdown, but I find it is easier to quickly write, which makes me more consistent as I know I can knock something out without having to think too much about where links go and what it should look like.

Haven't yet launched a gemini server, but when I do it will be easy to publish what I've already written to it, as the .gmi files are the source text that I use the Lichen CMS build script to computer to HTML.

#gemini #gemtext #webdev #writing #html #webdev #100daystooffload

I wrote a small Getting Started guide for the gemini protocol and gemtext:

#gemini #gemtext #privacy #blogger

Gemini markup (# is also being used creatively in other ways, such as the # project to build websites.

This clearly llustrates how thoughtful design can result a nice user experience:



A new eBook format based on #Gemini Protocol's #Gemtext.

#Gempub can also serve as a Gemini capsule archive format. - gempub -

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