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Wow and now #FunkWhale is on the front page of hacker news. The #fediverse may be in for a another wave sooner then we know.
Finally got around to fixing the #Pleroma theme and override CSS to get everything under the amber filter. Nice! #Fediverse
With each new #Facebook scandal like the recent WhatsApp-related one, the #Fediverse welcomes a wave of new users and admins. #Friendica gets its tiny share of the newly converted to decentralized social media. Some stick, most don't, but there's always this one guy (it's always a man) whose first few messages on GitHub are to angrily complain that Friendica isn't user-friendly enough and that it is spelling doom for a project they didn't know the day before and for the #Fediverse as a whole.

This has been going on ever since I joined the project in 2016, and we're still here. 🤷‍♂️
We could use some help testing our 0.9.0 release candidate:

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Personally I think ‘free speech’ is far less important than respect. If your on the #Fediverse and not on your own server be sure you read and agree with the instance guidelines you are on.

Remember, you are in someone’s digital home, respect the rules or get out and signup somewhere that’s more fitting..
Local and Network/Federated Timelines really shouldn't exist if you think about it.

Centralized platforms have solved content discovery and I think it's about time we do too.

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Da die letzte Folge zum #Fediverse #Podcast #besser nun fast schon 2 Jahre alt ist und sich mittlerweile einiges getan hat, würde ich gerne eine kleine Updatefolge produzieren.

Da so ein Update jede Menge Arbeit bedeutet habe ich eine Bitte:
Habt ihr Infos oder gute Quellen mit Zusammenfassungen!! , was sich in den letzten 2 Jahren bei den einzelnen Projekten wie #Friendica #Hubzilla #Pleroma #Mastodon #PeerTube #Pixelfed #Funkwhale #Nextcloud oder anderen interessanten Projekten getan hat?

Bitte keine Links auf Changelogs schicken, die lese ich schon. Daher meine Frage nach Zusammenfassungen oder guten Stichwortartigen Infos.

Oder besteht kein Interesse an so einem Update? started blocking saying we are federating with fascists. But we have blocked every single fascist that we have knowledge of and that has been reported to us.

If you know any instance that knowingly hosts fascist content, please let us know and we'll block them.

#fediverse #fediblock
Hey #Fediverse is there any decent client for managing multiple fedi accounts simultaneously?

/cc @harce
Dear new administrators of #Fediverse, if you wish to see your node listed at the largest federating stats hub -, registering it manually is much appreciated. Otherwise it may take a long time before it appears there. Thanks! 🙌 #anyAdmin #mastoAdmin

Comment Jekyll blog from Fediverse

read the original article

Add comments to static website build with Jekyll

Thanks to @carl and his toot about adding comments to Hugo static site. Read source for deeper understanding.

Comment Jekyll site

with small changes and tweaking the code to my preferences I’ve added the same implementation to this #jekyll site.

You can add comments to any page on your site just adding some keys to your page front-matter section.
  show: true
  fediusername: carl
  fediid: 105463655803971969

beware of front-matter...

#fediverse #blog #staticsite
I am indeed using the other colorful logo for some time now, but apparently it is still a proposal, also stated as such on Wikipedia:

The other one is indeed quite busy, but I like the more organic feel, instead of very techical, rational balanced node grid.

In terms of topologies the current logo stands for 'fully connected', while #fediverse is much more of a 'mesh'.
Does #Fediverse not have an icon yet?! This must be solved.

The Fedilab icon is brilliant but it can't be too similar to that obviously.

The green one above is a bit too busy.

The #fediverse logo design challenge is still waiting for someone to collect the $1 million prize ;)

@pfefferle just pointed to a very nice old logo design.. the one of the Federated Social Web Summit:

Maybe and brightness of current #logo can be combined with the more organic #design of this logo?

Fedi is grassroots and organic, after all, right? But also more vibrant and diverse, than a growing 'spore' that the matte green conveys.

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Happy new year dear people of the #Fediverse !
:blobcathappy: :fediverse:
Happy new year #fediverse Keep being awesome :blobcat:
Is there somewhere a nice internet page that explains why you should NOT use Facebook, Twitter etc but other services like the #Fediverse?
Tired of old New Year tree toys? 🎄
Yearning for a bit of #DIY? 👍
Make #Fediverse paper toys with us, for fun and profit.

#PaperFedi2021 #papertoy #papercraft #peertube #pixelfed #friendica #mastodon

Hmmmm..... Ich bräuchte mal Serienempfehlungen aus der #Fediverse. Gesehen und für gut befunden habe ich bis jetzt u.a. und suche daher etwas in diese Richtung: #Blacklist #Absentia #JackRyan
Nicht so mein Ding ist so Zombiezeugs oder so Übernatürlich Dingensbumens.

#TV #Serien #Serientipps #Serienjunkie #Followerpower
Hmmmm..... Ich bräuchte mal Serienempfehlungen aus der #Fediverse. Gesehen und für gut befunden habe ich bis jetzt u.a. und suche daher etwas in diese Richtung: #Blacklist #Absentia #JackRyan
Nicht so mein Ding ist so Zombiezeugs oder so Übernatürlich Dingensbumens.

#TV #Serien #Serientipps #Serienjunkie #Followerpower
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