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#fediverse alive servers stats

servers: 24,680 (+34, max: 24,963)
users: 12,256,655 (-104,444, max: 13,493,253)
MAU: 2,055,065 (-9,434, max: 2,589,647

top five projects (users / MAU / servers):

<img class=" title=":mastodon:"/> 9,319,998 / 1,888,503 / 12,719
:lemmy: 860,558 / 39,855 / 1,155
😛eertube: 293,037 / 18,947 / 1,282
<img class=" title=":pleroma:"/> 169,733 / 18,840 / 1,223
:kbin: 125,606 / 18,562 / 68

servers graph mau graph
weeks graph users graph

Morning, #fediverse

To all people doing #selfhosting or running some #homeserver on #Linux

I am keen to know how you are handling notifications:

• E-Mails?
• PC Speaker?
• Chatbots?
• Lights?
• ...

Currently, I am tinkering around with a simple #Telegram bot which is a breeze through #BASH.

Please share how you do it in general or using which piece of software.

And boost, if you can!

¿Qué es Usenet? Descubre sus beneficios #usenet #softwarelibre #matrix #HackerCulture #descentralizacion #fediverse #gopher #gemini

¿Qué es Usenet Descubre sus beneficios

En este videoblog, te explicamos qué es Usenet y te mostramos sus beneficios. Aprende sobre este sistema descentralizado, su privacidad, la variedad de temas que abarca y su eficiencia. ¡No te lo pierdas!

WOWWW!!! jajaja, para comersela. 😍

She GRABBED that thing 😂😂

Ella AGARRÓ esa cosa 😂😂

#fediverse @p4g #SweetBaby #Baby #p4g

De lo mejor que he visto en años creo, parezco el helado, me derrito.

The Free Software Foundation Europe set up a website to help move governments from proprietary social media to the #fediverse.

Excellent idea!

Learn to program, girl, and a golden future awaits you, they had said. But no one had mentioned that she would be going into battle against the Fediverse for Twitter in 2022, after her boss, Emperor Elon, realized he couldn't buy it.

#Fediverse #Twitter

Ausschnitt aus präraffaelitischem Gemälde. Eine Figur mit langen Haaren in Ritterüstung kniet und blickt wehmütig zum Himmel. Hinzugefügter Text: Lerne programmieren, Mädchen, dann wartet eine 
 goldene Zukunft auf dich, hatten sie gesagt. 
 aber niemand hatte erwähnt, dass sie 2022 
 für Twitter in die Schlacht gegen das Fediverse 
 ziehen würde, nachdem ihr Chef, Imperator Elon,  
 begriffen hatte, dass er es nicht kaufen konnte.

Hallo zusammen, hier noch mal der Hinweis auf die #Fediverse -Artikelserie auf #gnulinux .
Dort gibt es anschauliche Einblicke in verschiedene Fedi-Plattformen wie #Pixelfed #Friendica #Funkwhale #Castopod #Hubzilla #Peertube #Bookwyrm #Lemmy #Akkoma u.v.m.: 🚀

#FediverseFachtag @tobias@kattascha@ueckueck

Zurück im Plenum des Fediverse-Fachtag: Die Ergebnisse des Workshops zur Möglichkeiten der Fediverse-Nutzung werden von @Tobias und @kattascha vorgestellt. Danach gibt's gleich Austausch bei Kaffee und Kuchen und ein Abschlusspodium mit allen Referentinnen und Referenten.

#FediverseFachtag #Fediverse #FreieSoftware @fsfe@lpbnrw

Now @padeluun at the #FediverseFachtag about running an own #Mastodon instance with @digitalcourage for which people pay.

Encouraging people to build small awesome companies offering #Fediverse services ("Baut kleine geile Firmen auf")

Person next to desk, behind slides in meeting room.

@Kaiteki Ooooh, what if there was a spec to attach image maps to images on the #Fediverse. 😄

That only allows single taps. But I wonder if it is simple enough for broad adoption, and powerful enough to allow other kinds of fun interactivity.

There were discussions at #FediForum about extending the Fediverse, and other interesting ideas came up. Like allowing some form of third party WASM to create interactivity.

Gibt es schon Suchmaschinen fürs #Fediverse?

Lemmy community now open!
During the Reddit blackout a couple of months ago, we had a lot of interest in the creation of an official Lemmy community in combination with our Subreddit.

So if you like the Reddit style format but would prefer federation and open source software, then come and join us at

Read more about it and how to join on the Pulsar blog -

#lemmy #fediverse #pulsar #foss

Good morning dear Fediverse from Cologne 🌞 where @Free Software Foundation Europe the @LpB NRW and the Volkshochschule Cologne have organized a symposium about "The world after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A new generation of the internet?"

#FediverseFachtag #Köln #fediverse

And finally, a FediForum session today on:

Fediverse Developer Network / developer experience

#FediForum #Developer #Network #Fediverse

vamooos.... con el #fediverse, el que no está, se lo pierde.


Internautas del mundo, uníos!!!

Viva Elon Musk, que está haciendo por el fedi y #Mastodon lo nunca visto.

Did you know that it is possible to play online chess with another user through the #Fediverse ?

How to:

Developer: @kosinus

Discovered that thanks to #FediForum


So eine Art #Kleinanzeigen bzw. #Flohmarkt Plattform gibt es jetzt offensichtlich auch im #Fediverse. So ganz genau herausgefunden wie es funktioniert habe ich zwar noch nicht, aber mal schauen.

#Fedifloh #Fediflohmarkt

Good morning #Fediverse #tzag might as well start the days with some pure energy

Are you joining the #FediForum today? We'll be there presenting Bonfire and exploring all the amazing new projects joining the #Fediverse. Tweaking the slides right now... Donna Haraway is always one of our favorite sources of inspiration 🔥 #chtulucene #bonfire
a slide from our presentation, with a photo of donna haraway and a quote from her saying: Composition, not accumulation

Und auf eine (hoffentlich) letzte Iteration die Folien für den Vortrag über das Fediverse beim Fediverse Fachtag in Köln am Freitag überarbeiten 😆. Ich freue mich schon auch da zu treffen 🤩

#FediverseFachtag #köln #fediverse

Also tomorrow at #FediForum, @kainoa will demo

#Firefish Social

The future of scalable, feature rich, and fun social media experiences on the Fediverse.

There is still time to see this and other #fediverse app demos, and join in what will likely be dozens of #unconference sessions over two half days online.

Automattic has released version 1.0 of the #ActivityPub plugin for #WordPress, allowing blogs to be followed within the Fediverse network (including #Mastodon). The plugin also enables replies from the #Fediverse to appear as comments on the WordPress blog.
A grainy purple/blue/pink gradient background with the white WordPress logo in the center.

It's the last day to join the #FediForum. This event will start tomorrow. The purpose is to discuss and figure out and work on creating the future of the #Fediverse.

Proposed topics:

More at:

Mastodon account: @fediforum

Shoutout to all #Fediverse #instance #admins as they prepare their #servers for a surge in sign-ups from #X-#Twitter users after #ElonMusk paywalls the whole site! 😅:Fediverse:

#Meme #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

Public-domain 15th-16th century sketch by Baldassare Tommaso Peruzzi of Atlas holding Earth, but the Earth is labelled "Influx of New Users" and Atlas is labelled "Fediverse Instance Admins". Source:

What is the story behind your username that you use here on the #Fediverse and possibly other places?

Most everyone has a story behind the username(s) that they use, and others often want to know what it is.

#UserName #UserNames #Story #StoryTime #Question #Questions

An image that has the word QUESTIONS in the middle of the image. Around it is several post-it like notes that have question marks on them.

What is the story behind the profile picture you are currently using here on the #Fediverse today?

The other day I asked for everyone to share their story of the username(s) that they use, and you can see that thread here:

Let's hear why you've chosen the image you've chosen!

#Mastodon #ProfilePicture #ProfileImage #Photo #Profile

What is the story behind your username that you use here on the #Fediverse and possibly other places?

Most everyone has a story behind the username(s) that they use, and others often want to know what it is.

#UserName #UserNames #Story #StoryTime #Question #Questions

An image that has the word QUESTIONS in the middle of the image. Around it is several post-it like notes that have question marks on them.

An image that has the word questions in the center and around it are a bunch of different color sticky-note like things with a question mark on each one.

thanks, thanks, thanks... to a @stphrolland #fediverse microblogging i discovered such a treasure ... gonna dive in ! 😂 :

Using #Mastodon
and the #Fediverse is an act of rebellion in itself.

By being here,
you are contributing to grow an alternative system that is led by the people and for the people, not for profits.

By being here,
you are encouraging a solution to a deteriorating social climate that thrives on outrage and monetization of hate.

By being here,
you are participating to the development of a new system that can slowly build a better world.

Thank you for being here 💚

Mathematical italic capital h mathematical italic small e mathematical italic small l mathematical italic small l mathematical italic small o.


Oh, I just said “Hello” to you in italics.

(That’s similar to what someone who uses a screen reader hears when you use fancy non-alphabetical Unicode characters to simulate italics or boldface on your fediverse posts. So please don’t do that.)

#fediverse #acessibility #a11y #unicode

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