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#XMPP Community

This summer, come talk #XMPP in #Portland at where there will be a conference track dedicated to XMPP. Presenters can submit their talk by May 14th, Call for Paper is open now!

:xmpp: :xmpp: :xmpp:

#jabber #interoperability #standards #federation #chat

Mastodon in 180 Seconds 🐘

Lately, everyone seems to be trying to jump ship from Twitter to this new thing called "Mastodon". But when they do it, the first thing many of them say is "I don't get Mastodon. How does it work?" It's actually not complicated, just "different" from what you're used to. Here's a really simple explanation to help get you started.

#EdwardSnowen encourages to grow #Nostr protocol showing it as great solution to fork #birdsite

Labeling #mastodon as a dictator silos .....

The #AI says Nostr is similar to Mastodon 😂🤷‍♂️ bc it ends up in a concept of #federation


There's a new movement in the Fediverse. It's called UFoI and it's one that has been motivating quite a lot of stir!

Some agree and try to help, try to build something that might indeed be necessary: a means to stop bad players to block instances trough the propagation of lies.

Others prefer to criticise without helping in any way and based, again, on lies.

You are all invited to join! You can change what you thing is wrong! You can help everyone building a better Fediverse, one based on facts and truth! A more democratic one! That's the main goal of UFoI!

Have you read anything at all? You know, you can join and leave at any time! You can contribute! And you can disagree! And block anyone if you see fit! That's what freedom stands for and that's what the UFoI stands for!

Try, for a change, to build something positive like the founders of The Fediverse have been doing since 2008!

#Federation #fedivere #blocking #fediblock

@Le Général Midi Non, pas du tout, le #Fedivers (basé sur ActivityPub) et la #Fédération (basée sur Diaspora) sont deux réseaux incompatibles entre eux. Une poignée de plate-formes supporte les deux protocoles (Friendica et Hubzilla en tête) mais cela conduit à des discussions fragmentées où les utilisateurs de Diaspora ne peuvent voir que les réponses Friendica aux comptes Mastodon, et vice-versa.

Everybody who can afford it, be sure to donate to Codeberg, a non profit git forge hoster who are also developing the FLOSS #Forgejo #Gitea fork with future #Federation capability through #F3

Lot's of love ❤

Cyberstalking Web 1.0 figures of yore: #SteveMadere of #DejaNews, the search engine founded in 1995 that transformed #Usenet from an ephemeral #federation of topic-based notes into a rich library of knowledge. Until it tried to pivot into the #eCommerce headwinds of the #DotComBoom and cratered in 2001.


(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

To add to this post, there is a huge issue I am noticing with the lack of understanding with #decentralization and #federation means heavy emphasis on Freedom of Association. I don’t have to let you in my server, in my federated timeline, or even my personal timeline. I don’t have to allow everyone to follow me, you can request it. You don’t like the server rules? That’s fine join another or pull a Bender from Futurama and make your own #mastodon server

Building decentralised #federation for people, not for corpo's, do we really have to use corpo-speech naming servers (run by people) "products" ? @Gargron homepage screenshot

Mastodon – Simplified Federation add-on: #firefox #browser #mastodon #addon #simplified #federation

We should not be optimising Mastodon so it can handle more people per server. We should be optimising Mastodon so it incentivises more serves with fewer people.

(And if you take that line of thinking to its logical conclusion, you arrive at the idea behind the Small Web:

#decentralisation #federation #fediverse #SmallWeb

Plume 0.7.0 is out!

#introduction Hello! I am a #sysadmin for #linux systems and interested in #privacy #federation and #horizontalism (in an organizational/political sense). With a sprinkle of #psychology and #philosophy thrown in.

I am an #OSR gamer and run one #OSRIC based game in meatspace and one #1e #PbP.

My actual system is base OSRIC with some "secret sauce" OSR bits thrown in. Rounding out with a sprinkle of #Dragonsfoot Footprints articles and my own houserules wiki.

Main (w longer posts!) is

Plume 0.7.2 is out

We are pleased to announce this new alpha version of Plume. This release has no migration. You don't need run it before updating.

The most major change is internal one: ActivityPub library’s upgrading.

We also added changes to home page and timeline. See a blog post for details.

In addition, a problem that activities don’t reach other instances is solved. We should have fixed it, but other cause have remained. It should be away.

See the release note for details.

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