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I can’t believe I’m having to write this code in a fucking web server. What a mockery of the web, human rights, and the GDPR.

Fuck you, Google!

#FLoC #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism
Screenshot of code:<br><br>    // Opt out of Google Chrome tracking everything you do.<br>    // Note: if you’re reading this, stop using Google Chrome.<br>    // It is ridiculous for web servers to essentially have to ask<br>    // “please do not violate the privacy of the people who are viewing<br>    // this site” with every request.<br>    // For more info, see:<br>, response, next) => {<br>      response.set('Permissions-Policy', 'interest-cohort=()')<br>    })

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Rechazo a Google FLoC

#google 's

« [..] #FLoC is supposed to replace cookies. In the trial, it will supplement them.

Google designed FLoC to help advertisers target ads once third-party cookies go away. During the trial, trackers will be able to collect FLoC IDs in addition to third-party cookies. [..]»

#web #cookies ?
#privacy ?

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