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I find it funny an #ethereum dev got booted from a #Mastodon server and was making a stink. They did not RTFM how this place works before joining the network and especially before they picked their server. I could have seen that coming a mile away with Octodon’s about section.

While I myself may be into #cryptocurrency, this should be a great lesson that many in the space don’t understand what true #decentralization and owning your data means. This is also why I have my own server w/ friends.

I just read the #coindesk article about #solarpunk and #lunarpunk - , which describes the movements as... approaches to #Web3, #Blockchain and #Ethereum? Where solarpunks want to join the state to surveil people and only good lunarpunks are protecting the privacy?

The article barely mentions sustainability, doesn't bring up #climateChange, communities... what?

I get Solarpunk being a multi-voiced chorus, but this voice is rickrolling us hard.

before and after #ethereum merge

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#Jami utiliza la red #Ethereum

Si querían utilizar #PoS podrían haber escogido #Cardano.

Desaprecerán mineros, la dificultad se reajustará. De todas formas da igual, porque #Ethereum pasará a #PoS en agosto si cumplen con los plazos.

Batacazo de las criptomonedas: Bitcoin y Ethereum caen fuertemente #criptomoneda #bitcoin #ethereum

Si vols comprar # amb l'app #, el mínim és de 18€.
En la compra ja perds 7,11€, el 39,5% dels 18€ que estàs pagant.
Deu ser per això que et volen convençer que les # funcionen.

Exclusive: Austrian Programmer And Ex Crypto CEO Likely Stole $11 Billion Of Ether
# # #

🇬🇧A draft EU Parliament report published today would ban anonymous payments and donations in # such as # & #. The stated aim to tackle money laundering and terrorism is only a pretext to gain more control over personal data.

Carles Puigdemont té una cartera #...estarà patint estafes?