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@Stefan Leibfarth Not specifically. I do remember coming across at least one a while ago that specifically mentioned having a .onion domain along with their clearnet domain. Can't remember which one though, but there must be others.

I'm checking out Epicyon which has the option of installing as an onion-only (or i2p-only) instance and was just wondering of any known .onion enabled instances out there since an onion-only instance would only be able to federate with other .onion enabled instances.

#ActivityPub #Epicyon

#Fediverse's instances with #ActivityPub support (#Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Epicyon) can be seen as a decentralised replacement for #Twitter. They have a similar functionality, and we can say to our friends that they can use ActivityPub instances in a way similar to the one of Twitter. If the all users of Twitter would register at ActivityPub instances, it would be possible to forget about Twitter the same day.

I registered today at #diaspora* instance, and I cannot say diaspora* is a replacement for #Facebook. Yes, it allows me to have a somewhat more detailed user profile than in Twitter and ActivityPub. But even if all your mates from school, army, institute, work etc. would be registered at diaspora*, you would not have remedies which would let you to find your mates and would let them to find you. If I would say to someone that diaspora* can be used in a way similar to the one of Facebook, I would be a liar.

So, does exist a decentralised #social network with a functionality similar to the one of Facebook?

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