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Upgrade from LMDE 5 to LMDE 6 went flawlessly!

Thanks Linux Mint!

#Linux #LinuxMint #Debian

Quién diría que la solución para desplegar #WoodpeckerCI estaría en desplegar en #debian bookworm en vez de #ubuntu para tener versión de #podman mayor que 4.0 (de hecho 4.3 que creo que está bastante bien)

¡Buenos días Fediverso! ¿Como están?

Después de un par de semanas caóticas aquí estoy participando en el último #viernesdeescritorio del mes. 🧑‍💻

Debian Stable con AwesomeWM, colores Nord y fondo de pantalla creado en Inkscape, menos la captura del SuperTux, esa es del juego. 🐧

#ViernesDeEscritorio #escritoriognulinux #debian #awesomewm #inkscape #gimp #nord #retro #supertux

Captura mostrando la terminal de Xfce sin bordes y el fondo de pantalla.

Diseñe el fondo de pantalla a partir de una creación anterior. Retoques finales en Inkscape 🤓
Recorte de pantalla de SuperTux en Gimp para su posterior colocación en Inkscape

Último #ViernesDeEscritorio de septiembre con un recién instalado #debian 12 y #GNOME43.

Aún me queda mucho por pulir

Debian bookworm

Trying to convert a #Debian customized ISO for #OdroidXU4 into #Devuan.

Stop using #systemshit is like when you stop to drink the coffee with the sugar, there's not turning back!


Mi #EscritorioGNULinux viene de la mano de #debian con un desempeño ufff...con el fondo de pantalla de los atardeceres en Mancora el norte del Perú y sus espectaculares playas.


Mi #EscritorioGNULinux viene de la mano de #debian con un desempeño ufff...con el fondo de pantalla de los atardeceres en Mancora el norte del Perú y sus espectaculares playas.


While looking at my old mechanisms for creating #debian #kvm images, I came across my ancient pre-bootstrapvz script:

I don't think I want to g back to that, but it used to work between 2004-2015, when I switched.

Thinking of my relationship with #debian and #Emacs:

I actually started using Debian because I thought it was the only way to use Emacs because I thought it was the only way to use \(\LaTeX\) to write my math homework.

That was quite the freshman joke that my upperclassmen played on me at the math department: giving me a lifelong Debian addiction.

Workday repost.

Has anyone tips how to install two encrypted #debian on the same disk with EFI.

I can boot to only one installation, although I have a manually crafted EFI entry. os-prober not always detects the other one. And if it's detected, the encryption isn't handled correctly.
rEFInd does detect both, but only one is bootable.


I'm trying different Linux boot setups (with @debian):

✅ encrypted /, unencrypted /boot + unlocking via SSH (dropbear-initramfs)

✅ encrypted / (luks2), encrypted /boot (luks1), 2x password or 1x password+keyfile

❔ same setup + ssh

❌ 2x debian on same disk (1x EFI, 2x /boot, 2x /)

¡Hola a todos y todas! Mi nombre es Alexis, soy estudiante de ingeniería eléctrica en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia y un apasionado del mundo del software libre.

Me gusta la #Literatura, la #Cinematografía, la #Música, el #Arte, y la #Programación.

Utilizo #Debian, #GNU/ #Linux y vengo de fosstodon, no de Twitter.

Estoy en mastodon desde antes que se pusiera de moda hacer un toot de #Presentación/ #Introducción.

Breaking the phone you plan to demo with is always fun.

Fixing it, even more so!
Just need a keyboard and run 1 command.

2 hours to go

I'm a bit concerned about the frequent power losses at the hotel though 😁

I'll add image descriptions later, need to work on my slides 😛
and need to go for a swim!

Edit: image descriptions have been added!

#DebConf23 #Debian #MobileLinux #phosh #gnome

Me sitting at a desk.
The desk shows a keyboard connected via USB-A to the dock that came with the "convergent edition" of the PinePhone.

The dock is connected via USB-C to my Librem5 phone on which I am logged on.

The screen of the Librem5 shows a tty. (Ctrl+Alt+F2) The greeter started up, after having hit "enter" (see previous image).

You can see a close up of the phone showing one user: "mobian" and there is a drop down selector at the bottom with "Phosh" (the Phone Shell).

Other "desktop environments" in that list (which is not currently shown) include e.g. "sxmo", a variant of "sway" suitable touch input driven mobile phones!
I wanted to show of multiple desktop environments and for that I had previously disabled the "phosh" systemd service. But I did forget that I would need to enable the greeter (using "phog", the "Phone Greeter").

The last couple of lines from the terminal:

mobian@l5 ~
> $ sudo systemctl enable --now greetd
[sudo] password for mobian

My password is very secure and definitely not "1234" :)

Aquí va otro #viernesdeescritorio con #debian y mostrando un poco #spacevim

Si quieres saber como usar spacevim como tu editor de código para Ruby:

I feel this one from both sides. On the one hand, I love the stability of #Debian; it's so stable that unattended-upgrades is possible and trusted. OTOH, as a FLOSS developer, maintaining old branches of things has no enjoyment for me and is not something I would do on something even close to the scale of the #Linux #kernel voluntarily.

The real problem here is, I think, that there is nobody willing to pay for staffing for #LTS.

Amigo, yo uso de forma personal #debian con #plasma y trabajo con #arch en #gnome y me va de maravilla. Te aconsejo que uses los dos. Saludos

¿Me mantengo en Debian o doy en salto a Arch? ¿Sigo con KDE Plasma o me cambio a Gnome? Será por dudas...

#linux #debian #arch #gnome #kde #plasma

#Gnome Shell has a bug that lets you take screenshots of open windows while the session is locked. #Debian just patched it. #infosec

Just upgrading a #Debian machine from bullseye to bookworm and reading through the upgrade documentation.

Came over this and I absolutely **love** it:

# Perform the major release upgrade, removing packages if required
# Interrupting this step after downloading has completed is an excellent way to stress-test your backups
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo apt-get full-upgrade

“Interrupting this step [...] is an excellent way to stress-test your backups” 💜😍

I wrote something similar-but-different to this a ways back. Hoping I have better #reach now.

I've got an #annoying problem using #CUPS to print from a #Debian Linux machine to a USB-attached DYMO #LabelWriter-450 thermal #label #printer.

I'm generating the image to print myself, with the correct number of pixels for the label media in question. The printer is supposed to be able to print edge-to-edge, top-to-bottom, but it always starts printing 6mm / 1/4" down from the top.


A 30321 label printed by CUPS from a Debian Linux machine to a DYMO LabelWriter-450 thermal label printer.

Instead of the label content starting at the top edge of the media, there is a 6mm gap before the start of the image.

There is also a smaller offset from the left edge, but I can live with that.

Llego tarde por unos minutos al #ViernesDeEscritorio, pero últimamente la vida no me da para más.
Por ahora algo sencillo @debian y nos estamos conociendo el escritorio @kde y yo.
#GNU #Linux GNUlinux #debian #kde #TheDayOfTentacle
Captura de pantalla del escritorio del ordenador portátil con Debian Linux, con escritorio KDE. Imagen de fondo, Tentáculo Púrpura del juego The Day of Tentacle. Pantalla de terminal con información de neofetch

Tarde pero da igual, mi Viernes de escritorio, Debian en la rama testing pero con xfce

¡Hoy es día festivo en México!

En este #viernesdeescritorio Debian Stable con Awesome, tema Desert-Teal-Blue para Xfce y fondo de pantalla creado por Thomas Kole y compartido por @eticadigital 🫶

Añado el toot:

Es una maravilla creada empleando #softwarelibre 🐧

#ViernesDeEscritorio #escritoriognulinux #debian #awesomewm #desert #mexico

Captura de pantalla mostrando de fondo "El Templo Mayor al amanecer".
Explorador de archivos Thunar con tema Desert y terminal de Xfce esquema de color solarizado (claro).

I am going to report periodically on my efforts to unretire as a #debian Developer.
+ step 1: get my signing key on the new machine, and remove my primary keys in case one gets hacked.
+ get secure storage for gpg sub keys. I chose yubikey 5 C NFC.
+ there are s number of documents on how to work with yubikey. I'll add those.
+ since my primary key is not on the yubikey, I did not get a second yubikey for backup.
+ 4096 bit RSA signing subkey has been created.

#ViernesDeEscritorio en el laptop he puesto tambien
solo por probar porque realmente #Debian andaba sin desperdicios, Plasma que poco acostumbro va bien, probé varias con Gnome pero realmente el escritorio pide mucho para el I5 de 7ma
#FelizViernesATodos #Linux #Gnu

Mi #EscritorioGNULinux con #Debian recien instalada en mi PC de escritorio, con un buen consumo de ram y bastante fluida, ademas mostrando las ruinas de Saqsaywaman en Cuzco Perú.


Me gusta y se queda en mi PC.

A la carga con los #ViernesDeEscritorio.
La última Luna Llena lo acompaña.

#SoftwareLibre con #GNULinux a tope.

#Debian y #XFCE4 sigue siendo mi configuración favorita.

Captura de pantalla de un sistema operativo Debian. La barra de aplicaciones se encuentra en la zona superior. Se encuentra abierto el menú de aplicaciones desde la zona superior izquierda donde se encuentran seleccionada la opción de ciencia con el submenú de dichas aplicaciones. en la zona central se muestra una fotografía de la última Luna llena. En la zona inferior derecha se muestra el una terminal con el resultado del comando neofetch. Y en la zona inferior en toda la zona central, un panel de accesos directos de aplicaciones que uso de manera regular.

After the strong emotion caused by the tragic loss of a member of our community, Abraham Raji, the Debian Developers Conference resumes its work today Friday 15, September, at 15:30 IST (10:00 UTC) - have a look at the schedule for the day. We remind you that you can watch on line most of the talks We remind you that you can watch on line most of the talks: just click on the name of the venue in the schedule #debian #debconf #debconf23 #freesof...

Personalizando Debian 12 y MX 23: Mi experiencia propia #debian #personalización

When using a newer kernel you have to install r8168-dkms and also add a parameter to the grub settings on boot up (r8168.aspm=0). I hope #Debian will fix this soon so I don’t need to add the driver using dkms.


LMDE 6 (Linux Mint Debian Edition) Beta is Available to Download #linux #debian
screenshot of Linux Mint Debian Edition 6 Beta

Weird. Installing Debian bookworm does not get a network connection „can’t apply firmware“ but installing it with #Debian bullseye (+non-free) worked out-of-the-box. Maybe it’s related to the newer kernel version. Will try to upgrade it to bookworm.


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