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Thanks for joining us for 2020's #DayAgainstDRM! With your help we were able to send Netflix a strong message, document the current state of DRM in other countries, and discuss strategies on activism.

Check out this #DayAgainstDRM blogpost from Lee Yingtong Li (@RunasSudo) in which they determined that publishers are losing money by not offering DRM-free versions of books, to the tune of 149% less revenue!

Want another way to participate in this year's #DayAgainstDRM? Sign onto our comments for new anti-circumvention exceptions to the DMCA, helping us weaken DRM by supporting each and every proposed exemption.

Shoutout to @Leanpub, one of the partnering organizations for this year's #DayAgainstDRM. In addition to taking a stand against DRM, Leanpub is a great platform for independent authors to publish their work.

The #DayAgainstDRM is today, but the Defective by Design campaign is year-round. If you're interested in helping us with future anti-DRM actions, join the discussion list at !

Want a holiday-themed way to explain the dangers of #DRM to your friends and family? Take a look at the FSF's ShoeTool video from last year, about an industrious elf who falls victim to evil DRM #DayAgainstDRM

DRM is unacceptable wherever it appears -- even if the service is gratis. That's why we're standing up against Netflix's #StreamFest promotion as part of the #DayAgainstDRM. Learn more at !

Living outside the US? Take a moment today to document what DRM is like in your country on our #DayAgainstDRM LibrePlanet wiki page:

Need some DRM-free ebook storage space? Check out
@Libreture, one of our partners for this year's #DayAgainstDRM.

DRM is unacceptable wherever it appears -- even if the service is gratis. That's why we're standing up against Netflix's #StreamFest promotion as part of the #DayAgainstDRM. Learn more at !

« Pour un monde avec un million de Netflix »
(…et peut-être que, dans le lot, y'en aura un de bien 😋 !)
Pour le #DayAgainstDRM, parlons d'un des géants du web et… de son obsession culturelle pour le verouillage.
#IDAD #DRM #fsf #defectivebydesign

Con motivo del pasado Día internacional contra el #DRM, he publicado en mi #blog una lista que he ido recopilando durante años: tiendas y recursos donde adquirir libros electrónicos sin DRM en #español, legalmente, tanto de pago como gratuítos.

Y ya que es mi blog, he aprovechado a recomendar alguna que otra lectura. ¡Échales un vistazo!

#noDRM #IDAD2020 #DayAgainstDRM #DefectiveByDesign


Digital Restrictions Management es la práctica de imponer restricciones tecnológicas que controlan lo que los usuarios pueden hacer con los medios digitales.

Un programa diseñado para evitar compartir una canción, leer un ebook en otro dispositivo está restringido por DRM.

Si quieres leer más sobre DRM ingresa a


Hoy en el #DíaContraElDRM los compañeros de la Fundación del Software Libre @fsf nos dejan todo lo necesario para ayudar al movimiento.

Lee toda la información aquí



IDAD 2020 - December 4th, 2020 | Defective by Design

#DayAgainstDRM - Stand up against Netflix!
December 4th, 2020Every year, we organize the International Day Against DRM (IDAD) to mobilize protests collaboration, grassroots activism, and in-person actions against the grave threat of DRM.

The International #DayAgainstDRM is today! Find out what you can do to help grow the movement at !

Like every year, we've banded together with a host of partner organizations for our annual #DayAgainstDRM, happening tomorrow! Thanks to @EFF, @Framasoft, and others around the world for standing with us against DRM!

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