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Lockdown imposed in three more provinces as Thailand's COVID-19 cases break records for a third straight day.

Days after anti-government demonstrations, President Diaz-Canel says 'what the world is seeing of Cuba is a lie'.

Authorities record 205 new deaths as hospitals struggle with lack of oxygen supplies and vaccinations remain low.

New infections cross the 10,000 threshold while 141 new deaths were reported by the country's health officials.

Key leaders such as China's Xi, Russia's Putin and US's Biden pledge to redouble the worldwide COVID-19 fight.

Hospital resources pushed to limit as violence, looting grip parts of country already struggling to cope with pandemic.

Initial focus to be on some 50,000 Rohingya above 55, to be vaccinated with the help of UN agencies, says official.

Discovery of more transmissible COVID-19 variant comes amid strain's rapid spread elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Protesters, many of them unmasked, are unhappy with vaccine mandate for health workers and health pass in public places.

PM promises accountability after blaze kills hospitalised COVID patients for second time in less than three months.

Top doctors' body warns crowded tourist destinations and pilgrimages could become 'super spreaders' for a third wave.

Protesters across Cuba shouted 'freedom' and 'we are not afraid' at rare protests on Sunday. Here's why.

As political uncertainty persists after June presidential elections, Peru has struggled to stem coronavirus infections.

Death comes as New South Wales logged a record number of new infections and authorities warned of more cases.

Russia is battling a severe third wave of COVID-19, driven by the highly infectious Delta variant.

Finance chiefs of world's 20 large economies endorse plan to stop multinationals shifting profits to low-tax havens.

Only those in possession of a British or European vaccination certificate will be allowed in from July 14.

South Africa is battling a severe third wave of coronavirus infections, spurred by the Delta variant.

Fans will not be able to watch the games in Tokyo and the neighbouring prefectures of Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa.

North African nation recorded 9,823 coronavirus cases and 134 deaths on Tuesday, its worst daily toll from the virus.

'High food prices are hunger's new best friend,' the United Nations World Food Programme chief economist said.

Interviews with 75 households in Uttar Pradesh villages show household incomes have slumped nearly 75 percent.

PM Narendra Modi drops 12 senior ministers and inducts a younger team aimed at refurbishing his government’s image.

Despite 'Emergency' declared in January, coronavirus cases have soared and anger at the government is growing.

PAHO director says 'pervasive inequality in access to health' needs to be addressed in order to overcome the pandemic.

Country sees 11,525 cases, the highest in a day since pandemic began, amid fears of a shortage of medical oxygen.

Under the vaccine swap arrangement, South Korea will give Israel back the same number of shots later in the year.

The government has asked oxygen producers to send all their supplies to hospitals as dozens die from shortages.

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