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Items tagged with: Conflict

Fighters forced many out of Colombian rural towns 21 years ago, those who returned fear it might happen again.

How shrapnel from Israeli missiles exposed French arms manufacturers, accused of complicity in a French court of law.

Regulator accuses outlet of advancing agenda of a 'terrorist' group, in a move decried by media rights organisations.

The mobilisation follows Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's warning that his forces would repel any attacks by their enemies.

Activists Sera Farista and Keitumetse Fatimata Moutloatse on their fight for climate justice and human rights.

President Biden says peace in Afghanistan can only come through renewed talks with Taliban even as fighting escalates.

Haitian police have arrested suspects in the assassination of President Moise by gunmen who stormed his home on July 7.

Observers warn even if neither side wants the conflict to escalate, attacks have become a dangerous tit-for-tat cycle.

Peace court accuses 10 Colombian army members of murdering at least 120 civilians and falsely saying they were fighters.

'Four cuts' was first used against the Karen in the 1960s and was also deployed in Rakhine in 2017.

Abiy Ahmed says he wants a period of silence in Tigray after TPLF seized control of the regional capital, Mekelle.

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