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Happy Color Wheel Wednesday!
Here’s what you get when you use two similar magentas, two similar blues, and two similar yellows in every m-b-y combination. You get 8 similar color wheels. It surprised me when I painted them, but now it seems pretty obvious. It just goes to show that if you don’t have exactly the right color to match what you’re doing, close might be close enough.

#color #watercolor #mathart #venndiagram

8 similar color wheels using quinacridone rose PV19, Phthalo blue PB15:3, yellow ochre PY43, nickel azo yellow PY150, Prussian blue PB29, and permanent alizarin crimson PR206. Each wheel is like a Venn diagram with m-b-y in the intersections, 2 greens, 2 oranges, 2 violets and black or dark gray in the center. Towards the top left the colors are a little brighter. Towards the bottom right, they’re a bit duller. Everything is labeled with pigment numbers.

Aquí les dejo este dibujo que hice hace algo de tiempo de cuando fue el boom de Xiao de genshin impact, que opinan, aun tengo muchos dibujos que mostrarles así que pronto los verán ✌
#dibujotradicional #color #xiao #genshinimpact

An on again off again rainy/sunny day here in #Adelaide today, but I got some nice shots none the less 😀

#Duckling #Ducks #Flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #Floral #Rain #Rainy #Colorful #Color

A white iris flower in full bloom after the rain, wet with raindrops (C)P.Gamble Photography A very light pink rose with raindrops in the sunshine (C)P.Gamble Photography
A vibrant pink/magenta flower in full bloom with purple center, after the rain, with raindrops on its petals (C)P.Gamble Photography A parent wood-duck and duckling enjoying a feed of corn on the grass in the sunshine (C)P.Gamble Photography

Color Study with Cat
Watercolor and ink on cotton paper
8” square

#art #watercolor #MathArt #cat #color

An 7 by 7 array of squares and rectangles, some cut into triangles, painted in a blend of colors. The darkest colors are on the edges and the center white square contains a cartoon cat drawn in black ink.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love the color hue ❤

#wallpaper #color #random

Bueno, ayer le hice a mi hijo una luz led para el Gameboy Color para jugar de noche o con poca luz. Use una luz led portatil que no usabamos mucho, hojalata y resina epoxi. El resultado dejó muy conforme a mi cliente #gameboy #color #luz #diy #led
vista de pantalla ilumitada vista del encastre
vista de afuera vista de perfil

Incense sticks being set out to dry in the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam.

“Incense plays an important role in Vietnamese life. It is considered as a sacred bridge to connect the visible life of human beings and the world of heaven, earth, and gods.”

(Photo by Vietsui:

#Incense #Photography #Color #Vietnam #Hanoi #Asia

Large collection of bunches of bright pink incense sticks, fanned out like small bushes. One woman wearing a striped shirt and a conical hat is arranging them at the end of a small path through the middle, with bunches yet to be fanned out, resting on the ground.

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