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Also is behind #Cloudflare firewall I already open a issue to remove that shi* from fediverse

Why put your website in the #Cloudflare firewall that logs all your users ip's etc ๐Ÿ’ฌ

All global timeline posts from spin site are showing broken images. When I click through to the post it is showing this attention required crap from cloudflare. So now cloudflare is blocking content from timelines?


This is the worst implementation of any #captcha I had to deal with. Two booby-trapped pages of low-res images. As a bonus, it is sometimes stuck in an endless loop. Wife couldn't get to login because of it, #Cloudflare proxied sites are inaccessible. craptcha

Links to Twitter in this posting were replaced by links to the Nitter instance at

Re are not fans of everything #China are doing by a long shot, but the #PeoplesParty seem to identify the issues of #monopoly and enforce rules with impactful fines, and block moves that would entrench the #monopoly.

It should be noted that China's experimentation with a #CentralBankDigitalCurrency (#CBDC) may threaten this trajectory, but we digress.

What can we do to end the #Cloudflare/#Amazon monopoly of #theInternet.

Is awareness needed? Would targetted flyers work?

#oligopoly #duopoly

Robots have a bad rap, unjustly so - due to popular misconceptions, and this has enabled #Cloudflare to grow and oppress /humans/.

If you deploy a website/publication that's fed by a bot, plz consider putting a statement on your page saying something like โ€œthe useful data on this page was made possible by a beneficial bot that Cloudflare claims is 'malicious'โ€. Rationale: #Cloudflare deems all bots other than search engine crawlers as โ€œmaliciousโ€ & it would help to show the ppl the extent of the perversion.

New dirt on #DDG: Weinberg is now endorsing the web top privacy adversary (#Cloudflare):

Aha, Cloudflare is used to persecute whistle-blowers also,

DID YOU KNOW: #Cloudflare helped to build the #closedSilo, that produced the #ChristchurchMassacre ?

Funny how they quickly want us to forgot that, but the #Jan6 distraction is milked to the hilt.

Delete Cloudflare

One thing that people tend to despise is that #Cloudflare doxxed a child abuse whistle blower. That is, someone reported an offending CF site to CF, and CF then disclosed their identity to the site owner, who then published it so users of that site could retaliate. When Matthew Prince (the CEO) was confronted about it, he said the whistle blower "should have used a fake name".

A project with a privacy mission that tries to get people to use a #Cloudflare service has an inherent integrity & trust problem.

#Mozilla is protected behind the #Cloudflare Great Wall of #China, which is BAD!

#CloudFlare claims substantiated: It's especially stupid to trust CF for financial transactions.

both #Liberapay & #patreon are #privacy-abusing #CloudFlare sites. And worse, CF is a centralized #netneutrality abuser which undermines the decentralization #Lemmy hopes to achieve. I would not donate until they move off @Liberapay & Patreon.

I verified my Internet connection download speed is 3Mbps using Cloudflareโ€™s Speed Test tool - detailed analytics help me better understand our user experience, try it at #speedtest #cloudflare

It is quite apparent that the internet needs to move away from #cloudflare
I ran an #tor exitnode for a few hours (mostly for testing combined with a miss in config) and now does cloudflare prompt me with a #captcha every, single, minute.

Do youself and your user a favour, and move away from cloudflare


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