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Every time I am forced to put something in recycling, I think of how that actually means dumping it in my home region, SE Asia

The only reliable way to recycle is to eliminate plastic as far as possible.

Plastic recycling is a failed idea, and a pollutant of the developing world.

#Plastics #Recycling #TootSea #Climate

View of Earth from space, centered on Africa.

Partial view of Earth from space, centered on North America.

But seriously, what are we going to do to stop the impending extinction of the human race?

#cop #cop28 #climate #ClimateCrisis

Geological layers of clay, shale, sandstone, a coal seam, etc. And right deep down, below rock bottom, are the expectations for COP 28.

Port Orchard, Washington food bank looking for help after losing 20,000 pounds of food meant for families in need in flooding. #flooding #climate #ExtremeWeather #WAwx

2023 is the warmest year in human history

We can now say this with complete certainty (barring an asteroid hitting in the final three weeks of 2023)

2023 has now had six record breaking months and two record breaking seasons (June-November).


#Climate #CopernicusClimate #COP28 #ClimateAction

Who is pledging climate finance at COP28, and how much?

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate #COP28

Earth's Warmest November On Record Continues Path To Its Hottest Year

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate #COP28

Climate activists disrupt archbishop’s Mass in Turin

Climate activists in Italy over the weekend disrupted a Mass celebrated by Turin Archbishop Roberto Repole, with the demonstrators reading from Pope Francis’ works on the environment during the incident

Activists with the climate group Extinction Rebellion appeared at the Turin Cathedral on Sunday during the archbishop’s Mass there, according to the Italian newspaper la Republicca
#climate #ClimateStrike #Turin #Italy

Climate Good News #COP28

Greenland banned oil exploration FOREVER

India dropped all new Coal Development, transferred cash to batteries

Biden Approves 6th Offshore Windfarm

VP Harris announces 3 Billion Climate Aid tio nations at #cop28

America declares an END TO US COAL powered electricity systems. No new plants, Old plants offline in 12 years

Heat Pumps Free in US, paid by taxing wealthy corps.

Portugal ran on renewable energy for six days straight.

#Climate #Klima

... pass it along.


Eliminate Carbon Fuels

The military & oil industry are financing the hoax about man made climate change, because they get water for fracking by Climate Control!

The climate hoax is a DISTRACTION story from Geophysical Warfare by #CLIMATE #CONTROL!


#Geoengineering #Farming #Fracking #Drought #usa #war #water #WEF #LandGrabbing #KlausSchwab #BillGates #chemtrails #co2 #water #ozonehole

My latest just out today in @sciencemagazine: "The costs of “costless” climate mitigation," joint with Matt Kotchen & James Rising.

IPCC, McKinsey, energy-systems models & climate-economic ones have quite a bit of disagreement around what it costs to cut emissions.

The biggest disagreement: how much of it is free, and what does "free" mean.

Or more to the point, what does it take to get the free stuff actually done. (Hint: It takes policy.)
#climate #economics

If you squint, you can see our main research question on the cover, right above the tall penguin: "How costly, or costless is climate emissions mitigation?"
Comparison of global mitigation potentials at different costsThe IPCC results use different baseline emissions to calculate the range of mitigation potentials. The top panel reports the full set of results, and the bottom panel reports only the mitigation potentials with costs >$0 per tonne of CO2 equivalent (tCO2-eq). USD reported in 2020 dollars. See supplementary materials.1201_PolicyForum_18286058.indd   100111/22/23   2:52 PM

In the words of Taylor Swift, I will never, ever ever ever shop or buy anything at Home Depot for the remainder of my life. Ever ever ever.


BREAKING Via Laffy & CREW, Citizens for Ethics:
"HomeDepot donates 1 million to Election Deniers"

"Home Depot’s Billionaire Founder Says He’ll Fund Trump... Even If He’s Convicted"

Cancel Home Depot Into Bankruptcy. Gone.

#cancel #dems #democracy #coup #tyrant #introduction #climate #swift

Most world leaders will be jetting in to COP28 to discuss the detrimental effect of too much flying (and other polluting activities) on the planet. Today's cartoon by Stellina Chen. More cartoons:

#climate #COP28 #worldleaders #pollution

Cartoon showing a private jet with a red carpet from the airplane door to a waiting limousine. Both plane and car emit smoke from their exhausts that spells the word 'COP28'.

A man and a woman standing in a large airport with their roll-on luggage, looking out the window as a jet plane flies overhead.

24th of November 2023
421.43 ppm CO2 in the air

Chart shows current value and values for the same day 20 years back

#co2 #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis

Chart of CO2 particles in the air

#Amazon’s #Climate Pledge Was a #Lie

Jeff #Bezos pledged four years ago that Amazon would lead the way on #carbon reduction. Since then, the firm’s emissions have risen by 40 percent — and its use of creative accounting suggests that the real figure is far higher.


Jeff Bezos

Egypt is struggling with water scarcity and shrinking arable land. Is soilless farming the answer?

It's expected to be categorised as water scarce by 2025, due to climate change and a dam recently built by Ethiopia on one of the main tributaries of the River Nile, Egypt’s main source of fresh water

Meanwhile, arable land, which constitutes less than 5 per cent of Egypt, has been shrinking due to urbanisation. The remaining 95 per cent is all desert

#climate #Egypt

Penny wise, pound foolish. A new UN report has found that today’s carbon-cutting policies are so inadequate that 3C of heating would be reached this century. Today's cartoon by Daniel Boris. More cartoons:

#climate #COP28 #inadequate

A U.S. President seen ascending steps into Air Force One jet plane. A staff person is seen running towards the plane holding yellow papers above them in their hand. Staff person's dialogue: "SIR! DON’T FORGET YOUR NOTES FOR THE CLIMATE CONFERENCE. THEY’RE PRINTED ON CARBON NEUTRAL PAPER."

Hello! I’m a professor of planetary science based at Harvard, interested in rocky planet evolution, #climate, habitability, and related topics.

Finally decided to get a social media account and Mastodon seemed like a logical choice right now. Looking forward to figuring out what this site (or sites??) is all about…

#introduction #astrodon #geoscience

Saturday, 18 November 2023, was a day that will be remembered in history — if, that is, any historians are still around a hundred years from now.

On Saturday, two days ago, the average global temperature reached 2.0° Celsius above the pre-industrial baseline for the first time ever.

This year, 2023, almost certainly will be the first full year with temperatures averaging over 1.5°C, and next year could be even hotter. Most climate experts predict (and hope) that when the current El Niño pattern recedes, global temperatures will cool down a bit and we should experience a few years below 1.5°C. It is possible, however, that other feedbacks might kick in and keep temperatures climbing. We'll just have to wait and see.

But meanwhile, it's Business As Usual! 😃

#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #BusinessAsUsual

Line graph showing global daily temperature anomalies from 1940 through 2023, as compared to the 1850 to 1900 baseline. On Saturday, 18 November 2023, the temperature reached 2.007°C above the baseline. This is the first time 2C has ever been exceeded.

“According to a new paper by scientists from a dozen institutions, the world's average temperature will surpass 1.5°C above preindustrial times within the next several years—much faster than most existing forecasts. The study goes on to say that without extreme action by the international community, temperatures will reach 2°C above preindustrial levels before 2050—also faster than most predictions.” #climatechange #climate #climatecrisis
Older man says: YEAH. I’LL BE DEAD BY THEN.

21 million tonnes of plastic leaked into environment in 2022 #pollution #ecology #environment #climate onnes-of-plastic-leaked-into-environment-in-2022/

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

🔁 Earth42morrow (@Earth42morrow)

Aerial view of the devastation unleashed by heavy rains and flooding in #Somalia that has killed dozens, displaced hundreds and trapped thousand of people in their homes

#flood #Africa #Kenya #ElNiño #flooding #Kenyaflooding #Somaliaflooding #rain #flashflood #viral #weather #climate

🕐 08/11 16:21

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

Thanks to human-caused climate change, thanks to the continuous suicidal burning of fossil fuels, and also thanks to the current El Niño phenomenon, our oceans are heating up dangerously fast.

A few days ago (3 Nov), the global sea surface temperature anomaly reached a new record high of almost six standard deviations. For the mathematicians among us, that actual figure was 5.94σ.

According to Prof. Eliot Jacobson, who prepared the graphs below, no other day in any year has ever come close to this anomaly.

🚨 We are in a climate emergency. 🚨

#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency

Line graph shows global sea surface temperatures for every day from 1982 through 2023. Each line shows the standard deviation from the 1982 through 2011 mean temperature. The  dark red line for 2023 has been far above any ever previously recorded since early this year.
Bar graph shows that the standard deviation in global sea surface temperature from the 1982 to 2011 mean was is the highest ever recorded on November 3, 2023.

Exceptional October temperatures!

The anomaly for October 2023 (departure from average temperatures) is

the second largest anomaly (after September 2023)

of any month

of any year

in the ERA dataset (back to 1940)

and combining with IPCC data - the warmest October for over 125,000 years (AR6 WG1: Fig2_11)

October 2023 was around 1.7ºC above the preindustrial average, making it virtually certain that 2023 will be the warmest year on record




Ya puedes ver el vídeo de las protestas que llevamos acabo ayer contra el #mcdonalds del Palacio de Deportes de #granada para denunciar el apoyo de esta empresa al ejército israelí.

Basta de alimentar el genocidio
Viva #Palestina libre

#palestine #israel #gaza #genocide #vegan #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #ceasefire #humanrights #ecology #news

Just Stop Oil: 100 arrests as protests shut down Whitehall - as group hits out at cenotaph 'lies'

Just Stop Oil slow marchers shut down Whitehall on Monday, with the group saying at least 130 members were arrested

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate #ClimateStrike #JSO #London #UK

United Nations warns ‘Bitcoin has concerning impacts on climate, water, and land’

The examine examined the actions of 76 Bitcoin mining nations throughout the 2020–2021 interval. Throughout this timeframe, the worldwide Bitcoin mining community consumed 173.42 Terawatt hours of electrical energy, putting it twenty seventh on this planet if it had been thought of a rustic, forward of populous nations like Pakistan

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate


Compañeras de Futuro Vegetal protestan en la terraza del #mcdonalds del Palacio de Deportes de #granada para denunciar el apoyo de esta empresa al ejército israelí.

Según la cuenta de #Instagram de McDonald's en Israel "Nuestros equipos trabajan duro para seguir donando miles de comidas a nuestros héroes"

Basta de alimentar el genocidio.
Viva Palestina libre.

#palestine #israel #gaza #genocide #vegan #climate #climatechange #climatecrisis #ceasefire #humanrights #ecology #news

Greta Thunberg says:

"Leaving capitalist consumerism and market economics as the dominant stewards of the only known civilization in the universe will most likely seem, in retrospect, to have been a terrible idea."

That's from page 202 in “The Climate Book.”

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Capitalism #BusinessAsUsual

Greta Thunberg, wearing a blue t-shirt and a pink hoodie, looking at the camera during a meeting, seems to feel angry or unsatisfied.

Economists: climate impacts underestimated. “…the economist who has been embraced as a guiding light by the global institution tasked with shepherding humanity through the climate crisis…doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
@cketchamwild @theintercept #climate #climatechange

And by "may have" we mean "has."
Climate change is accelerating.

"A hurricane gutted a city of one million, leaving no food or water and the dead to rot."

"One would think that an unprecedented category-five windstorm that flattened a resort city of one million people on Mexico’s Pacific coast might be mentioned at least below the fold of mainstream media cable and print outlets. In general, it has not."

#Acapulco #Otis #Mexico #journalism #climate #hurricane

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