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Quella persona non sei piรน
quella persona non sei tu
finisce qua...
Chi se ne va che male fa?
Io trascino negli occhi
dei torrenti di acqua chiara
dove io berrรฒ...

Caterina Caselli - Insieme a te non ci sto piรน

#MusicaItaliana #Mastoradio

๐Ÿ“ท: Yan Sarkisyan

#foto #arte #fotografia #fotografie #BlackAndWhite #photography #photo #Monochrome #bw #BlackAndWhitePhotography #BlackAndWhitePhoto #PhotoOfTheDay #photos #Photographie

Mycology is a fascinating subject.
For example, did you know that the largest living organism on Earth is considered to be a fungus, Armillaria ostoyae or honey fungus, which lives in the forests of America's north west?
It travels underground between trees - the visible mushrooms are simply its fruit - and in 1988, scientists in Oregon found a single specimen that had spread 5.5 square miles and was estimated to be around 2,400 years old.
#photography #BlackAndWhite #fungi #mycology #nature
Black and white landscape format image revealing the honeycomb-like pore structure on the underside of a bolete mushroom. It is through these pores that the mushroom releases its spores into the atmosphere. Black and white landscape format image shows the beautifully delicate porcelain fungus which grows in clusters in tree trunks. It is a pale ivory colour with a plate-like slimy top which curves down at the edges and underneath it has a gill structure which radiates outward from a short curving stem.
Black and white landscape format image showing the texture of overlapping shaggy scalycap mushrooms which are lying in a thick carpet on the forest floor Black and white landscape format image revealing a mushroom's delicate gill structure, with frills of differing lengths radiating outward from the stem

a fun commission i recently done! it's a rococo-style dressed black vampire woman! โœจ

my commissions are open! usually i don't change my color palette, but black and white is what i can definitely do! head to my carrd to find out about pricing and TOS -

#art #mastoart #blackandwhite #Illustration #drawing
A black and white portrait of an African-American woman dressed in rococo styled clothing and jewellery, hair parted into many braids that are tied into a thick bun with pearls on top of her head. There are three loose braids decorated with pearls that fall down to her shoulders.

Parque de Sant James, Londres Londres
Metro de Londres Florencia

'Nastassja Kinski and the serpent', Los รngeles, California, 14 de junio de 1981. ยฉ The Richard Avedon Foundation

'Autorretrato', Provo, Utah, 20 de agosto de 1980. ยฉ The Richard Avedon Foundation  'Dovima con elefantes', Parรญs, agosto de 1955. ยฉ The Richard Avedon Foundation
'Nastassja Kinski y la serpiente', Los รngeles, California, 14 de junio de 1981. ยฉ The Richard Avedon Foundation 'Malcolm X', Nueva York, 27 de marzo de 1963. ยฉ The Richard Avedon Foundation

Auschwitz II-Birkenau. The main guard tower - The Gate of Death. The rails were built in spring of 1944 as part of the preparation to deportation of Hungarian Jews and construction of selection platform inside the camp.


#Birkenau #Auschwitz #BlackAndWhite #photography #gate #history #site #historical #rails #architecture #evil #Remember #memorial #museum #NeverForget
A black and white photo of the rails leading to the gate of the Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp.

A curious raven approached me while I was lying flat in a field waiting for bobcats. I guess my hiding game was off.
(I started this Mastodon adventure on a different instance which was taken offline. So Iโ€™m re-posting the images I shared on that instance once more on this one.)
#raven #blackandwhite #photography #bird #birding #wildlifephotography #california #sfbayarea
A black and white photo in which a raven fills the top half of the frame. The sharp image shows great detail in the feathers and other textures in the raven. The background is near-white and contrast with the dark bird. The raven is staring intently at the camera.

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