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Asi este sistema indexa la red fidonet (bbs)

Podes participar en la red fidonet desde cualquier cliente de bbs.
Hay muchos pero te paso el que tengo montado en mi servidor.

La tecnología sigue vigente, esto era el Internet de antes.
Pero es un mundo paralelo al http/https/gemini
Aqui se usa Telnet para navegar.

#bbs #fidonet

Joshua Stein con una hermosa página de hacking sobre las Cidco MailStation, que eran terminales de correo electrónico y BBS que funcionan con procesadores Z80 --> #hacking #z80 #cidco #mail #mailstation #development #diy #retro #bbs

Today, 46 Years ago the first #bbs goes online.

On February 16th 1977 in Chicago (IL,USA) Ward
Christensen and Randy Suess are about to finishing the last steps before switching the #CBBS #online.

The CBBS was the first Computerized #bulletin #board #system and would not only mark the Milestone for the Onlineage. It also allowed to invent and grow subcultures like the #demoscene. If your computer had a modem attached to it you could explore the world though it, since you're no longer physical bound to a location to do so.

In the upcoming years of #bbsing the #ansi char set would spark a whole #ArtScene that is still
present and activ today. The #ANSIart Scene. Even the exchange of text messages and files would break out of the local BBS. Tom Jennings created the #fidonet which was no less than a network that spans the world and allows the communication beyond all borders.

Logueándote a en un terminal (Arte ANSI)

TekLordz [04/95] Full Ansi / Ascii Art Pack Video
#ansi #ascii #bbs #demoscene #RetroComputing #pixelart #graffiti #16c #art #PathToAffiliate #SmallStreamersConnectRT

Some new #ansiart I've been working on with my pal Tainted... Happy 60th Birthday to Sam Kieth, creator of The Maxx, one of the 90s ANSI scene's favorite subjects.

#ansi #textmode #textmodeart #pixelart #retrographics #bbs #demoscene #samkieth #themaxx #isz

Usenet desde ahí se creo el kernel linux.

Es un sistema en red para envio de mensajes.

En la misma fecha 1978 por ahí se crea la BBS similar a usenet.

No consume recursos ya que es solo texto.

Listado de bbs de habla hispana


Fire [10/94] Full Ansi / Ascii Art Pack Video
#ansi #ascii #bbs #demoscene #RetroComputing #pixelart #graffiti
#16c #art #PathToAffiliate #SmallStreamersConnectRT

I found this backup tape while sorting through boxes — the final resting place of Sound Bytes BBS.

Turns out I can still fire it up in DOSBox and browse through everything as a time capsule.

Though the farewell message suggests the BBS would return in summer of 1996, the world moved on quickly, and the BBS scene — as it was — disappeared just like *that*.

By the time 1996 did roll around, we were busy building our area's first dial-up ISP, and there was no turning back.

#bbs #retrocomputing
DC2120 computer backup tape with sticky note label: Sound Bytes BBS 8/19/95 offline ANSI graphics screen with a message announcing August 18, 1995 as the end date of Sound Bytes BBS.
Screenshot of the T.A.G. BBS software's waiting-for-caller screen for Sound Bytes BBS, captured here running in DosBox from a very old backup.

#tbt #unix #bbs #oldschool #1990s

SDF 1993 in Lewisville, Texas with 4 dialup lines and a 19.2kbps dedicated internet connection.

The system ran Kodak Interactive SVR3 UNIX 386 which supported the AST async 4 port serial board. Three disks sized: 40MB, 140MB and 338MB made up the storage for roughly 1200 users.

#introduction Greetings, everyone, from the Mistigris computer art collective! We started releasing artpacks in area code 604's #BBS PC underground scene in 1994, full of #ANSIart, #ASCIIart, #MODmusic, #EMags and other good stuff, extending into the early Internet (first homepage on Geocities, many hours whiled away on the IRC) but drying up and evaporating by the turn of the century in the transition from the BBS/CLI to Web/GUI paradigm.

Then we stewed in nostalgia until hosting a reunion for our 20th anniversary in 2014, which got us back on track to releasing artpacks again -- now with representation from vintage #textmode art fellow traveler forms such as #PETSCII, #ShiftJIS and #teletext!

Mostly we organize through our Discord (invite at ) but are always happy to represent wherever the creative techy folks are to be found!
Mistigris floppy diskette design by PiquANSI Mistigris teletext screen drawn in the style of a printed circuit board, drawn by TeletextR
Mistigris ASCII art screen in the style of Ghost's album art for Opus Eponymous, drawn by Publius Enigma Mistigris logo drawn graffiti-style using a typewriter by Lord Nikon

Schöne Sitte hier

Bin Bj 64, hab das Internet entstehen sehen & war bereits davor in #BBS' aktiv.. mit 300baud 😀
Seit dem #IT|Nerd. Bis heute faszinieren mich IT-Systeme. Mache viel #DIY zb. #IoT mit #MicroBoards. #Coding in Perl, PHP, Shell, JS.
Bin #Linux|Lover.
Ich liebe d Gedanken von #OpenSource|Data & praktiziere es wo ich nur kann. Meine Projekte sind i.a.R. Gemeinschaft fördernde Angelegenheiten.
Hin&wieder blogge ich auch.

In RL ist #NotJustSad & #Depression auch Thema

Okay, so I guess I still owe the #fediverse an introduction - well, here it comes:

like probably most people on #oldbytes (that's the instance I'm on) I'm into classic-computing and everything "retro computing". I was a teen in the 1980s and grew up with several computers of the era, namely the VIC-20, ZX81, C64, Amiga and Atari ST before moving to the PC and eventually being enlightened by the FOSS and Linux community.

For a living I'm working as a Linux platform engineer, for fun I delve into the depths and mysteries of 8 and 16 bit computing.

I also run two classic bulletin board systems #bbs, a Linux based MBSE system named "Wintermute BBS" and the infamous "RC-BOX", the world's first and (currently) only bulletin board to run on a #rc2014 homebrew computer.

I'm not a political activist but consider myself 'old fart left' since I am an old fart and have a left-wing opinion - it's been this way all my life.

So hello, #fediverse - my name is Wintermute_BBS and I'm a nerd!

Last day to enjoy the old SDF 3b2/500. ssh and catch a glimpse of our past 1991-1998

# # # # #

February 14th, 1990 - One of the few artifacts passed on to SDF after Operation Sundevil from killer (attctc). A few pieces of killer live on in the SDF 3B2/500 thanks to Charlie Boykin.

# # #

me toco acrualizar datos del bbs mystic con red fidonet. Logre hacerlo. Gracias a la gente del grupo bbs de argentina. Sigue estabdo conectado reisub al nodo de argentina principal, de la red fidonet.

# # #

Content warning:

New in the box Multitech dialup modems.

#analog #dialup #bbs #bbsing

Some of the oldest SDF hardware. This 3b2/310 was a secondary host to the main SDF 3b2/500 in the 1990s


#vintage #unix #computer #bbs

CHARLA: Los BBS en Argentina, por Soldán & Don Epi - Twitch

#bbs #video #argentina

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