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If you are interested in helping, or want to suggest topics for discussion, then we invite you to join #SocialHub as a member.

This event is a great opportunity for #fediverse evolution. The EC/EU itself is interested in making a move towards #foss and pursues a set of values of being more #Open #Privacy respecting #Collaborative with #Transparency and #Inclusion as principles.

We can help them get there!



Dear #fediverse and especially #foss and #activitypub tech enthusiasts amongst you ..

At #SocialHub we're preparing a great event in the form of two webinars and a workshop in April, for representatives of the European Commission.

The topics are #ActivityPub #Interoperability and #FediverseFutures within the EU.

Interest for the event came from EC itself, who via @NGIZero - funder of many great AP projects - approached SocialHub to organize.

You can help prepare and certainly join the Event!
ActivityPub community together with NGI Zero organize a European Union and Interop event in April with two webinars and a workshop.<br><br>You can help prepare and should certainly participate,

Is there an #ActivityPub server for pets? If not I might be open to domain name ideas and starting a #pixelfed instance or something 🤔

I was wondering how I can follow hashtags on #Friendica and I did some searching. Apparently
the #ActivityPub protocol doesn't allow hashtag following in the sense that all posts with that tag get into your timeline.
Didn't find much about that on the internet Can somebody confirm this? This would explain why Friendica doesn't do it either.

I see that is not updated yet.. are you planning to?

It's far from a perfect mechanism, but can still be a timesaver when ppl are figuring things out.

For #lemmy it'd also be nice to have this. A couple of examples are shown in the #ActivityPub implementers guide on #socialhub


(You can edit yourself, as this is a wiki post).

cc @activitypub

#Smithereen update: group admins. Though they don't federate yet. And even when they will, you probably won't be able to make a remote user an admin as that would require A LOT of new activity types to be invented. It would probably be best to wait for someone to implement a federated forum to figure out how to go about this.

#activitypub @activitypub

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Fediverse-Action - post to Fediverse when code on GitHub is changed
YouTube 2 PeerTube - mirror YouTube channels to #PeerTube
gemifedi - Gemini frontend to Fediverse
BirdSiteLIVE - Twitter to ActivityPub bridge
ligh7hau5 - Matrix to Fediverse client / bridge - Emulate group accounts on #Mastodon
yt2pt - Set of scripts to quickly import your YouTube channel to PeerTube
corpus-activity-streams - Activity Streams 2.0 vocabulary data and alternative docs

For all tools visit:

@Stefan Leibfarth Not specifically. I do remember coming across at least one a while ago that specifically mentioned having a .onion domain along with their clearnet domain. Can't remember which one though, but there must be others.

I'm checking out Epicyon which has the option of installing as an onion-only (or i2p-only) instance and was just wondering of any known .onion enabled instances out there since an onion-only instance would only be able to federate with other .onion enabled instances.

#ActivityPub #Epicyon

Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

Filtered word: nsfw

Has anyone looked into implementations of #ActivityPub, be it via an extension or otherwise, that _doesn't_ require one to 'live' on a server? The emulation of digital feudalism isn't going to get us far.

#Smithereen update. Groups are more-or-less done, as a proof of concept. They should federate in theory, but I haven't tested any of it yet because I'm too lazy to set up a second internet-facing instance and Mastodon isn't very much compatible with what I'm doing here.

That said, there's still a lot of work ahead. Admin/moderator features, public admin list, events, invitations...

#activitypub @activitypub

Beaucoup de personnes (principalement des gamers 😀 ou des jeunes entre 12 et 20 ans) me parlent de #discord à quel point c'est top et tout…
#discord j'ai l'impression que c'est un peu le #slack des jeunes.
Lorsque je fais une recherche "discord open source" ça me renvoi un lien disant combien ce projet soutien et aime les FOSS mais rien sur son ouverture à des protocoles comme #zot #activitypub ou #matrix
Bref : est-il possible de faire des ponts entre Discord et l'ensemble du #fediverse ?

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Fedeproxy: an online service to federate forges
MrBotchi: a federated microblogging platform for single user
Technopolis: a globally interconnected micro-blogging platform inspired by Misskey
Jejune: a work-in-progress server designed to use constructions which provide functional security and resilience

For all projects visit:

Je crois qu’il est sorti des mémoires. Peut-être est-ce le phénomène « has ben ». J’assistais à un thread sur les systèmes fédérés et y’a un gars connu d’ici qui a répondu à un débutant : « Le minimum c’est d’avoir #activitypub »

Ouais mais non en fait 😄

Bin oui #xmpp est beaucoup plus abouti que #activitypub je comprends pas que tout le monde le boude. Oui on dit « aucun n’implémente correctement et manque de compatibilités entre eux etc.. » mais y’a quand même une grosse bibliographie et des serveurs qui font le taff (en plus des nombreuses fonctionnalités)

#activitypub #activitypubdev I can't find any place where it's explicitly stated that an Activity object can't be an array of Objects.
Does anyone know if having something like this activity is spec compliant or not (I included only properties relevant to the question, everything else should be considered as compliant) ?

"type": "Delete",

#Fediverse's instances with #ActivityPub support (#Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Epicyon) can be seen as a decentralised replacement for #Twitter. They have a similar functionality, and we can say to our friends that they can use ActivityPub instances in a way similar to the one of Twitter. If the all users of Twitter would register at ActivityPub instances, it would be possible to forget about Twitter the same day.

I registered today at #diaspora* instance, and I cannot say diaspora* is a replacement for #Facebook. Yes, it allows me to have a somewhat more detailed user profile than in Twitter and ActivityPub. But even if all your mates from school, army, institute, work etc. would be registered at diaspora*, you would not have remedies which would let you to find your mates and would let them to find you. If I would say to someone that diaspora* can be used in a way similar to the one of Facebook, I would be a liar.

So, does exist a decentralised #social network with a functionality similar to the one of Facebook?

Does anyone know how to stop #Hubzilla from resending me the exact same request an ungodly amount of times? I'm not going to accept that request. It contains some weird JSON-LD context, and even if that was okay, it's not signed by a valid actor. So, obviously, I'm returning a 400 Bad Request. Is this not what I'm supposed to do in such a case?


I am a bit confused how this fits together..

The #zap code lives on #framagit at

But it seems to be mirrored to #codeberg at

Then also at Codeberg I find the #misty fork, at

Is that the correct repo location?

I want to update the #feneas #activitypub watchlist at

New Fediverse Project Fork

#Zap gets forked and gives birth to #Misty .

#Fediverse #ActivityPub #Zot

Announce: Mistpark 2020

Mistpark 2020 (aka 'misty') release version 20-08-10.

Available now.

Details at

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