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Digital Business Card Generator #dbizcard is now #EnBizCard

Why Pay When Your Website Can Host Your Digital Business Cards for Free!

EnBizCard helps you create beautiful, responsive HTML‑based digital business cards that can be hosted on your website.

Check out the website for more:

#free #opensource #privacytech #website #webdesign #nuxtjs #vuejs #vuejsindia #webapp #generator #BusinessGrowth #businesscard #social #openpgp #diy #selfhosting #html

#Fediverse's instances with #ActivityPub support (#Mastodon, #Pleroma, #Epicyon) can be seen as a decentralised replacement for #Twitter. They have a similar functionality, and we can say to our friends that they can use ActivityPub instances in a way similar to the one of Twitter. If the all users of Twitter would register at ActivityPub instances, it would be possible to forget about Twitter the same day.

I registered today at #diaspora* instance, and I cannot say diaspora* is a replacement for #Facebook. Yes, it allows me to have a somewhat more detailed user profile than in Twitter and ActivityPub. But even if all your mates from school, army, institute, work etc. would be registered at diaspora*, you would not have remedies which would let you to find your mates and would let them to find you. If I would say to someone that diaspora* can be used in a way similar to the one of Facebook, I would be a liar.

So, does exist a decentralised #social network with a functionality similar to the one of Facebook?

Beautiful reading about #society and #social #media. Worth the 5 minutes of your life it is going to take reading it.

Is there anybody here that uses other Fediverse services, except from Mastodon? I have been fascinated by the whole concept of ActivityPub and federated social networks, but haven't seen great value on other Fediverse offerings. Am I missing something? 😅

#federated #social #activitypub

Instancia Friendica

Instancia Friendica de Argentina

Ubicacion del servidor: Junin, Buenos Aires.
OS Server: Debian
Registro para nuevos usuarios: Abierto

#social #friendica #server #argentina

Estás cordialmente invitado a unirte a mi y a otros amigos en Friendica, creemos juntos una red social mejor.

Para aceptar la invitación visita y regístrate en o en cualquier otro servidor público de Friendica.

Los servidores de Friendica están interconectados para crear una enorme red social centrada en la privacidad y controlada por sus miembros. También se puede conectar con muchas redes sociales tradicionales. Mira en para poder ver un listado de servidores alternativos de Friendica donde puedes darte de alta.

Una vez registrado, por favor contacta conmigo a través de mi página de perfil en:

Para más información sobre el proyecto Friendica y por qué sentimos que es importante, visite, por favor

#friendica #social #network

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