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#Bern, #Switerland: Protest Outside the Italian Consulate in Solidarity with #AlfredoCospito

#AnarchistPrisoners #HungerStrike #No41bis

"Alfredo has chosen the path of an indefinite hunger strike - as a last resort of resistance to torture. The right-wing Italian government wants to see the revolutionary prisoners either in complete isolation or politically broken. If the prisoners do not accept either of these paths, the state is prepared to murder them.

But Alfredo is not alone. His struggle for his revolutionary identity, his irrepressible will that refuses to be broken, are an inspiration to all who fight for revolutionary change.

Long live Alfredo! Down with the 41bis - freedom for all political prisoners!"


Messages in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

"On the streets of Berlin, many writings appeared on walls in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and his fight against the 41 bis prison regime and the hostile life imprisonment.
Alfredo has been on hunger strike for 71 days. His physical conditions are worrying.

Alfredo’s fight against the torture regime imposed on him by the Italian state is also our fight. A fight against isolation, against prison and the society that produces it.

Death to the state.

Viva anarchy."

#41bis #FreeThemAll #AlfredoCospito #italy #Hungerstrike #antireport #directaction
Häuserwand mit Graffiti "Free Alfredo"

Extrajimos de allí su tema más conocido, #HungerStrike, que cuenta con un rasgo diferencial: es un dueto entre Chris Cornell y Eddie Vedder. Cosa que no se ve todos los días.

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