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Geopard se actualiza a la versión 1.4
#smallweb #Gemini

Thanks to Newswaffle in the Gemini Space, I can now do most of my news reading using Lagrange on Android, and amfora on Linux.

Simply amazing!
No tracking cookies,
No ads attacking my eyeballs.
Cancer free.

Wow. Life changed! #Gemini #Newswaffle #amfora #Lagrange

So as you know, I am busy exploring Gemini Web.

Please share your favourite links, reads, feeds etc.

Thank You #Gemini

Para quien quiera leer sobre qué es #gemini , he actualizado mi recopilación de artículos sobre el tema:

Nuevo artículo: Introducción al protocolo Gemini
Un protocolo moderno de red iniciado en 2019, de código abierto, diseñado para permitir una navegación web más rápida, segura y moderna.
#gemini #web

#Lagrange v1.15.5 is a big translation update! 🇫🇮🇸🇪🇬🇷🇨🇿🇦🇿

Thanks to an upgraded LibreTranslate server, you can now translate page contents in 19 new languages. Several bugs were also fixed so the translation is more robust.

A new keybinding was added for translating (Shift+Ctrl+X or ⇧⌘X).

This patch also fixes redirects in subscriptions (e.g., Solderpunk’s gemlog).

Lagrange home page in split view with Swedish on the left and Esperanto on the right, translated via LibreTranslate.

I used the internet and before that Fidonet/BBS's etc when "nobody" was on them, only tinkers, hackers, researchers and scientists, why should I care that now I only use platforms in the internet like gemini/gopher/fediverse/usenet where "nobody" is on them? in my eyes I am still using what I like the way I like it not the way people that came after me had everyone else do #think #HackerCulture #TheHackerEthic #BBS #FidoNet #Usenet #Gemini #Gopher

Time for a new patch:

#Lagrange v1.15.4 fixes a number of issues related to the Preferences window, including several crashes.


Pues creo que me ha salido un post cojonudo. Por fin publico mi entrada sobre la small web! #blog #smallweb #gemini

@eaplmx está creando una plataforma en #gemini para poder conversar en español :blobPikaHappy:

#Lagrange v1.15.3 is available:

This is a small bug fix for handling redirects in the inline media player and file downloader.

I had some certificate issues with the macOS build (developer ID renewed, keychain was wiped, 😩), but it should be sorted now.


Para usuarios de Lagrange, sólo recordar que es posible la descarga automática de imágenes simpletente deslizando el contrnido de la cápsula con la flecha hacia abajo. Debéis seleccionar la opción "Load Next Image on scroll Key" en preferencias:

Curioso lo que sale al final de cada noticia leída en #gemini desde el servicio NewsWaffle gemini:// , el % que ocupa la noticia libre de mierda respecto a la original, y con emoticono incluido:

Para seguir un hashtag del fediverso desde #gemini:
Por ejemplo para seguir el hashtag #gemini:

Gracias al proxy https para ver webs 'traducidas' a gemtext en un navegador #gemini que puso @sl1200 estoy descubriendo maneras más óptimas de publicar contenido, debido a algunas limitaciones que tiene gemtext, sobre todo con el manejo de enlaces.
Gran descubrimiento.

For the past two weeks, I've been working on a little Interactive Fiction side project.

The idea is to make a simple and streamlined IF engine that is compatible with Gemini but still sophisticated enough for compelling gameplay and puzzles.

#gamedev #gemini

Si navegáis por el espacio #gemini podéis configurar fácilmente el servicio proxy para ver webs desde el propio navegador gemini, el resultado para webs sencillas es muy bueno, aquí la configuración en Lagrange:
proxy https en Lagrange

Ya está disponible el relato "Herejes. Una historia cyberpunk" en mi cápsula #gemini 'La caja de Pandora'.


Si no tenéis navegador gemini:


The week before last I had the opportunity to deliver a "flash talk" at a work meetup. I opted to present a summary of what I've learned while adding support for Finger and Gopher protocols to the WordPress installation that powers (I also hinted at the fact that I already added Gemini and Spring '83 support, and I'm looking at other protocols).

The presentation is a shortened, Automattic-centric version of a talk I'll be delivering at Oxford Geek Nights tomorrow. If you're in or around Jericho, Oxford tomorrow, come say hi!

Read more or watch at:

#finger #Gopher #Gemini #Spring83 #WordPress #Automattic #Oxford

I'm finally ready to unveil my new weird software project that I've been working on: #Cosmarmot, a #Gopher to #Gemini gateway. I've got a public instance running at gopher:// Screenshots below in TurboGopher on #MacOS System 7.5, and in #Bombadillo in #CoolRetroTerm (since I can't take a real screenshot on my VT420).

Useful (?) for #Retrocomputing: if your old computer will run a Gopher client, but doesn't have the oomph to do the TLS a Gemini client needs, point it at Cosmarmot and explore Geminispace.

Made with secret alien technology (#CommonLisp), source at
A screenshot of a Mac System 7.5 desktop. It is running TurboGopher, showing in a window, with links to several Gemini sites.
A screenshot of Bombadillo running in Cool-Retro-Term. The terminal screen is black with glowing amber characters in the distinctive DEC terminal font. It is showing the main index, with links to several Gemini sites.

Una guineu anglesa, un jove xef català, un suc espanyol i menjar txec esperantista. I no és un acudit 😀

D’aquest batibull, avui escric sobre Pangrames amb i sense alcohol:

(Només poso enllaç a la web perquè la capsuleta #Gemini està inoperativa. A més, la font Atkinson no em xuta. Quin dia més accidentat… Disculpin les molèsties).

Going through last toots of every followed #Mastodon account provided with my script. Results as #GemText output (only content and links, without boosts) in #Amfora, #Gemini browser is interesting experience.
Terminal window with Amfora Gemini browser and text content from script gathering last toots and their links.

#Lagrange v1.15.1 is available:

This is just a quick patch addressing a few issues in the initial v1.15 release related to the Preferences window and page layout.


Logueándote a en un terminal (Arte ANSI)

Last night I setup a #Gemini server on my #raspberrypi -- and I am so in love with it!

I love this simple outline style, and the vaguely markdown way of structuring everything. Just words and links and the bare essentials.

Check it out here:

(You need a Gemini client. I am using Elaho on my iPhone and Lagrange on my Mac).

But you can also see it here through a web service proxy:

Do you have a gemini capsule yourself? Would love to see!
The words PARAWEIRD spelled out on a black background using ASCII art.

Nuevo relato en mi cápsula #gemini "La caja de Pandora" en la sección 'vivencias vividas' llamado Tener "calle"


Si aun no tienes un navegador gemini como Lagrange, puedes acceder desde proxy https:

Lagrange is so good, how exciting! I wish I could browse html/http with it because it's so fast and clean!

Seriously, if you see this post and aren't checking out #Gemini or #Gopher go give Lagrange a try! The web is text (and fun) again!

A Smörgåsbord of Problems —

A tasty sampling of this week's efforts getting #Lagrange v1.15 ready for release.


Ayuda para instalar y conectar a las #newsgroups #usenet #nntp ahora que se estan usando mas poco a poco gente que prefiere una internet descentralizada como el fediverso o lite como #gemini etc pues ahora hay un renacimiento por lo menos entre gente tecnica y hackers de usenet aqui una ayuda #NNTP #USENET

This is my second week of consistent writing and publishing longer posts (compared to what I usually post here) on my own website.

See a list of my recent posts:

Writing in gemtext is more constrained than HTML or Markdown, but I find it is easier to quickly write, which makes me more consistent as I know I can knock something out without having to think too much about where links go and what it should look like.

Haven't yet launched a gemini server, but when I do it will be easy to publish what I've already written to it, as the .gmi files are the source text that I use the Lichen CMS build script to computer to HTML.

#gemini #gemtext #webdev #writing #html #webdev #100daystooffload

It only took me 2 years and 1 month to implement this #Lagrange feature request. 🙂 Reordering tabs is nice to have, but it has perpetually been pushed down on the todo list. Better late than never!

Reordering can be done via mouse drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts, and the tab context menu.


#Lagrange v1.14.2 has been released:

• Fixes several potential crashes.
• Inconsistent spacing after level 1 headings.
• Split view issues with page load indicator.
• macOS build uses LibreSSL.


i have updated my #gemini resource on #degrowth, #communities & scale, forgiveness & growth, and imagining a kinder future on and offline!

accessible here: gemini://
or here:

as always, if you have any links burning a hole in your pocket that could do with being added, please send them over! i think it might be time to start more thoroughly organising it, soon.

#permacomputing #smallweb #indieweb #smolweb #sustainability #communication #networking

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