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Hungerstreik von #AlfredoCospito
#AlfredoLibero #41bis #Italy

Alfredo's Fight is Our Fight!

"Two translated statements from the Italian Anarchist Federation & the Sicilian Anarchist Federation, members of the International of Anarchist Federations."

#AlfredoCospito #anarchism #Repression #italy #41bis #AlfredoLibero #antireport #abolishprisons

Latest update 6.3.23 on Anarchist comrade #AlfredoCospito (#Italy)

"This morning the standard medical examination was carried out by a trusted doctor of the choice of lawyer F.Rossi Albertini, according to which Alfredo’s health condition is irreversible.
After the decision not to revoke the 41bis, Alfredo – as he had said – automatically stopped taking the potassium supplements that he had to take just before the decision, in order to have time to hear it
But the real response has not yet arrived.
The line of the FAI/IRF is clear: ‘If Alfredo dies, you will all pay’, calling to arms all those fighting for freedom.
‘Government and prosecutors constitute the executive implementation.’"

#41bis #AlfredoLibero

A letter from anarchist Alfred Cospito

"Today I am ready to die to make the world understand what 41 bis really is. 750 people suffer it without protest, continuously vilified by the mass media. Now it is my turn: you have vilified me as the bloodthirsty terrorist; then you have sanctified me as the anarchist martyr who sacrifices himself for others; then you have vilified me again, like a terrible spectre. When it is all over, I shall no doubt be raised to the altars of martyrdom."

#AlfredoCospito #AlfredoLibero #41bis #Italy

To the comrades 🖤

"Nothing will ever be the same as before
We receive these words, which we make our own:
They decided to kill Alfredo with the coldness of executioners. Democracy is simply this: inquests, media spectacles, death sentences.
If all this had passed in silence or in the ruthless dehumanized staging of the opinion makers of the day, it would have been grave and unforgivable. But that was not what happened. In all these months, and well before, the molecules of this heterogeneous anarchist body have never stopped, despite the weight that was already bearing down on many of them. But that’s the way of things.
These seconds and minutes following the death sentence passed by the Supreme Court against Alfredo are interminable. But pain is different from surprise. We feel pain now, tremendous pain. But not surprise. And the pain that permeates our every cell is piercing, total."

#AlfredoLibero #AlfredoCospito #41bis
Banner mit der Aufschrift Fuori Alfredo Dal 41 bis

unten rechts im bild zu sehen ist der abgemagerte alfredo

"Der Kassationsgerichtshof hat die Berufung des Anwalts Flavio Rossi Albertini zur Aufhebung des 41bis-Urteils von Alfredo Cospito zurückgewiesen. Der Staat hat ihn zum Tode verurteilt!"

"The Court of Cassation has rejected the appeal of the lawyer Flavio Rossi Albertini to annul the 41bis sentence of Alfredo Cospito. The State has sentenced him to death!"

#AlfredoLibero #AlfredoCospito #41bis #Italy

" 81 suicïdes - your record is a tragedy!"

in the last year, 81+ people committed suïcide in italian prisons.
this is a record in italian history. 💔

#graffiti #41bis #no41bis #alfredolibero #alfredocospito #prisonabolition #carceri
said text but in italian  ("81 SUICÏDI - il VOSTRO RECORD è UNA STRAGE!")  written in black on a building wall,  some white cars are parked in front of it

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