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How had I never heard of the "Nihilist Order" before?

This is an absolutely wild story involving our old friend John Maxwell, a police sergeant starting his own hacker BBS and teletrials.

#hacker #hacking #history
A very long article from the Miami Herald about a hacking group called the Nihilist Order, many of the members were busted in April of 1986. John Maxfield, self proclaimed "hacker tracker" in an April 1986 article describing the "teletrial" or hacker trial of Sgt Dan Pasquale for his part as an undercover operative collecting information on hackers.
A police officer Sgt Dan Pasquale describing running a fake or "sting" hacker BBS called Phoenix Fortress to ensnare hackers local to Fremont California into implicating themselves in crimes.

I feel like I'm getting mixed messages from this article on the 414s #hacking group that appeared in the The Journal Herald on 16th of September, 1983. #hacker #history
Clipping from article has a black and white image from the climax of the movie WarGames, the text "The movie, 'WarGames' glamorized what the 414s were doing. Each of them saw the film at least once.", beside this is an ad for a ATARI 800 computers on sale.

There is something else though, a lot of references to another hacker, "The Cracker" who seems to be being built up into a scapegoat or ringleader by whoever decided these first group of kids should do a press conference and get their story out first. Someone is clearly piecing together a narrative here.
#hacker #hacking #history
Fresno Bee, October 14th, 1983, headline reads "'The Cracker' lured teen-agers into committing computer crime"

Eventually on the 16th of October 1983 there is literal front page news that The Cracker has been caught, alongside headlines that explicitly pin the blame for all of the hacking on him, even detailing that the first kids raided handed his number over to the authorities.

I can only imagine what this kind of media attention would do to a 17 year old back then. #hacker #hacking #history
Arizona Daily Star headline from October 16th 1983 which reads "FBI uncovers 'the Cracker,' a crafty computer-code supplier"
Austin American-Statesman headline from October 16th 1983, "Young 'cracker' called computer code source"

Initially there is the report of the raids around October 14th 1983, a press conference with 4 of the kids raided and photos of them all looking very sombre and sorry, a few articles about kids missing their seized computer equipment.
#hacker #hacking #history
Knoxville News Sentinel October 14th 1983, headline reads "Teens' Computer Equipment Seized" and a photo of a teenage boy looking sad, sitting in a bedroom.

I finally broke down and paid for access to one of those over priced newspaper archives so I could do research for the Inner Circle videos and what I've seen changes the story as I understood it in my mind a lot. #hacker #hacking #history
Bismarck Tribune Friday, October 14th 1983, headline reads "Computer probe nets students" and shows 4 teenage boys at a press conference.

#reverseengineering Lesson 31: x86 Course (Part 31 - ASM Program 4 [Moving Data Between Registers And Memory]) #assembler #c #cyber #cybersecurity #hack #hacking #hacker #tech #technology

Loving the disinformation sandwich here, is the threat of #hacking overblown? No it's worse than you can imagine, #hacker kids are taking control of satellites! Oh wait, no they aren't, they are making free phone calls. #history
“War Games’ did a lot of damage by popularizing computer hacking,” said John Maxfield, a computer security consultant in Detroit who has worked under- cover for the FBI to catch hackers. “So now you have law enforcement officials saying, I saw “War Games,’ and this case is just like it.”

More insightful thoughts from "#hacker tracker" John Maxfield, this time referenced in "DTIC ADA390834: The Social Organization of the Computer Underground", a thesis by a criminology student in 1989 who attended Northern Illinois University. You can find the full paper here.
John Maxfield, a "hacker expert,"
suggests that differentiating between "hackers" and
"phone phreaks" is a moot point, preferring instead
that they all just be called "criminals" (WGN-Radio.
Sept 28, 1988).

Hey you! Yes, you! Guess what?

After navigating the labyrinthine and absolutely opaque dungeons of YouTube copyright hell I have come up with an edit of ep 06 of hack.history which did not anger the algorithm!

Do you love Max Headroom & TV #hacking? You'll love this #hacker #history as seen through pop culture of the past.

#reverseengineering Lesson 27: x86 Course (Part 27 - ASM Hacking 2 [Moving Data Between Registers]) #assembler #c #cyber #cybersecurity #hack #hacking #hacker #tech #technology

OTD in #hacker #history in 2004, soupnazi linked hacker Brian Salcedo is given what was, boasted about by DOJ, the longest sentence handed to a #hacker in the US (9 years), for #hacking with intention to steal credit card details from Lowe's stores.

#reverseengineering Lesson 26: x86 Course (Part 26 - ASM Debugging 2 [Moving Data Between Registers]) #assembler #c #cyber #cybersecurity #hack #hacking #hacker #tech #technology

Hanging out in our #MozillaHubs #cyberpunk barrio in a typical #hacker movie night

#reverseengineering Lesson 22: x86 Course (Part 22 - ASM Program 1 [Moving Immediate Data]) #assembler #c #cyber #cybersecurity #hack #hacking #hacker #tech #technology

#reverseengineering Lesson 21: x86 Course (Part 21 - How To Compile A Program) #assembler #c #cyber #cybersecurity #hack #hacking #hacker #tech #technology

OTD in #hacker #history, 1997: The lynx browser friendly version of yahoo[.]com is #hacked by PANTZ/HAGIS to announce that anyone who had accessed Yahoo in the past month had downloaded "a logic bomb/worm" that is "implanted deep within their computer."

OTD in #hacker #history, 1999: Gatsby of the The Phonemasters pleaded guilty in a San Diego court to two counts of computer fraud after what media at the time said "authorities called the largest computer #hacking scheme in U.S. history"

After I finally finish this Max Headroom video I'm going to do part one of a two parter on the Inner Circle.

I am going to have part one deal with everything up to the raids in 1983 and then part two be everything after.
#hacking #hacker #history
News article about FBI raids on Inner Circle members in 1983
FBI documentation of NYC based hacker informants in the Inner Circle case, April 1984.

I eventually plan on doing a video about #Anonymous and #Singapore back in 2013 - 2014.

Managed to get a hold of some old pastes relating to the #hacker "Messiah", tempted to make this my next video as there is some great news footage around that time too. #hacking #history
A lengthy text paste from Anonymous about arrests of Anonymous activists in Singapore in 2013.
Anonymous logo superimposed on part of the Singapore flag.

Steven Roberts and his incredible solar-powered portable computer back in the late 80s. #hacker #hacking #history

#mastodon #tut my favorite mastodon client! Lite, vim keys and amazing! Screw browsers, I refuse to have a OS boot just to run everything on a bloated silly browser with 100 stupid tabs, yikes! 😁 If you are a #hacker #tinkering #explorer #minimalists #terminal #curious, or just want to use system software and not stupid electron web tech for a system try TUT

#OTD in #hacker #history, in 1984, Mitnick's former co-defendant Steven Rhoades gives an interview in which he describes #hacking Defense Department computers as "like walking down a street and finding a $5 bill, do you keep it or do you give it back?"

I'm looking for a video of "Cyber War!" from Frontline on PBS, April 24th, 2003 if anyone has a copy? #hacking #hacker #history

Got a #FOIA response from the FBI, a request for information relating to #Anonymous offshoot #hacking group “Cabin Cr3w” & it isn’t what I expected? More Tulsa Occupy than I’d have thought. Further on this as I get a chance to read over it all & mentally digest. #hacker #history

#hacking #history - I found the best copy I could of MTV's "True Life: I'm A #Hacker" show from 1999, did some editing to cut out any extraneous VHS rip artefacts and tried to sharpen it up a tiny bit and uploaded it to YouTube, check it out:

Some posters and a lobby card for 80s classic #hacker movie WarGames that you may not have seen before. #hacking #history

Uploaded full length 2003 Australian #hacker documentary "In the Realm of the #Hackers" about the #history of a Melbourne #hacking duo in the 80s.

#Darksynth / #Cyberpunk Mix - Horizon // #Dark #Synthwave #Dark #Industrial #Electro Music - - #hacker #culture

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