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Lawmakers from across the political spectrum call on PM for a partial Winter Olympics boycott and cotton trade ban.

China has been accused of genocide against the largely Muslim group, but Beijing says it is only tackling extremism.

Mobile phone firm says it is selling its business because of the coup as UN officials urge more action against generals.

As Japanese capital battles a new wave of cases, pressure grows on Olympic organisers about spectators.

Despite 'Emergency' declared in January, coronavirus cases have soared and anger at the government is growing.

The flawless diamond could get as much as $15m, making it the most expensive physical object ever bought with crypto.

Under the vaccine swap arrangement, South Korea will give Israel back the same number of shots later in the year.

Rules for overseas listings will be revised, China's State Council said in a statement days after Didi Global's IPO.

Indian leaders have generally been circumspect about public contact with Tibetan leader to avoid upsetting China.

'Four cuts' was first used against the Karen in the 1960s and was also deployed in Rakhine in 2017.

The government has asked oxygen producers to send all their supplies to hospitals as dozens die from shortages.

Myanmar Witness says it has documented and verified evidence of army reprisals including shelling of civilian areas.

About 80 people are still missing after torrential rain at the weekend sent mud and rocks onto the streets of Atami.

Residents tell Myanmar media killings in Sagain region came amid confrontation with armed opponents to the coup.

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