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Volunteers provide help as Indonesia struggles to cope with a devastating wave of COVID cases from the Delta variant.

Lockdown imposed in three more provinces as Thailand's COVID-19 cases break records for a third straight day.

South Korea removes banners referring to 16th-century war between Korea and Japan after IOC ruled it was provocative.

New infections cross the 10,000 threshold while 141 new deaths were reported by the country's health officials.

China's main space contractor did not say how high the spacecraft flew or elaborate on its flight path.

Key leaders such as China's Xi, Russia's Putin and US's Biden pledge to redouble the worldwide COVID-19 fight.

Discovery of more transmissible COVID-19 variant comes amid strain's rapid spread elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Nobel Peace Prize winner to receive Olympic Laurel at Tokyo Games, the second time trophy has been awarded, says IOC.

Families of victims have until August 13 to submit to The Hague more documents detailing alleged rights abuses.

Erdogan says Uighurs should live in peace as 'equal citizens of China', adding that Turkey respects China's sovereignty.

In first meeting with ASEAN, US top diplomat calls for action on Myanmar and rejects China's claims in South China Sea.

Eight people, including four Chinese nationals, killed in a blast targeting a bus in northern Pakistan, Reuters reports.

Environmental group warns of more heatwaves in Beijing and floods in Shanghai as it calls for measures to mitigate risks

After travelling 500,000km across China on a motorbike, Geo Gangtang finds his long-lost son in Henan province.

Defence report calls on Japanese government to pay attention to US-China tensions over Taiwan with 'a sense of crisis'.

Teams combing through debris after budget hotel in the eastern city of Suzhou collapsed on Monday afternoon.

Charges against deposed Myanmar leader included corruption and that two were also levelled at a former minister.

US move comes on anniversary of a tribunal ruling that says Beijing has no claims over the South China Sea.

Beijing to take 'necessary measures' to respond to Washington blacklisting Chinese companies over Uighur treatment.

Death comes as New South Wales logged a record number of new infections and authorities warned of more cases.

China and North Korea mark 60 years since the signing of their Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance.

Fans will not be able to watch the games in Tokyo and the neighbouring prefectures of Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa.

Summer Games organiser announces no fans in the stands as COVID-19 surge hits Japan.

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